Additional Administrative Topics


The preceding lessons in this Stage have covered nearly every aspect of the administrative settings available in the IMM eSign system and even touched on Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Adobe Sign elements. In this lesson we will simply tie up a few loose ends and get you ready for your Consulting session and Stage 4: Templates and Attachments.

Key Elements

  • Examine the remaining areas of IMM eSign not covered in the preceding lessons in this Stage (Dictionaries – Select Default Attachment Type, Status API Settings, Document Push Settings, Scanner Settings, Help-Diagnostics and About)
  • Explore IMM eSign Reports
  • Stage 3 Recap
  • Items for Review

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Complete your knowledge of the System Administration configuration tools
  • Asses your team’s level of comfort with the materials and record any questions or areas of confusion
  • Configure your solution according to your new knowledge, understanding, and decisions made
  • Prepare for your Consulting/Training session with an IMM Solution Specialist


Take a few minutes to review the basic eSign demonstration

Review the Use Cases lesson paying special attention to topics covered in this stage and how you may want to incorporate them in your use cases

A guide to what items you should have completed before your consultation session

What's Next

Now it is time to schedule your Administrative Consultation/Training session. This session will generally run about an hour and will give you the opportunity to work with an IMM Specialist to answer questions and clarify any potential areas of confusion.