System Administration


Welcome to Stage 3 of the IMM eSign Cloud Onboarding experience: System Administration

In the last stage you were presented with a deeper dive into many elements of the eSign product. You learned about users and roles, templates, signing considerations, and more. And hopefully you started populating your Implementation Workbook with some information and decisions your team is making. At the end of Stage 2, you had your installation activity and so now you have access to IMM eSign Cloud. Your installer most likely also set a few things up for you and introduced you to some of the settings. In this stage you will explore the administrative settings in eSign and begin implementing the decisions you have made and are making. We’ll also introduce you to elements of Adobe Sign and Azure Active Directory that will be helpful going forward.

Key Elements of this Stage

Lessons Configuration Consultation/Training

This stage consists of five lessons each of which contains one or more videos and a supporting guide document. The lessons will also contain configuration activities that your system administrator should complete in your new IMM eSign system. You can refer to and utilize your implementation workbook from Stage 2 as a guide for or record of decisions and settings you will implement. Each lesson will guide you on what to do. After you complete the lessons and the activities, your IMM project team will schedule your consultation/training session with your implementation specialist.


The lessons in this stage will enable you to:

  • Configure many elements your IMM eSign Cloud solution with the exception of Templates/Attachments
  • Continue making decisions about how your users will interact with eSign
  • Continue making decisions about how your customers will interact with eSign
  • Understand the options in Adobe Sign that will affect the remote signing experience

Lessons in this Stage

Navigating the product and using product screens and entering the General Settings configurations

Exploring the Users and Groups configuration settings

Exploring IMM’s flexible and configurable options pertaining to indexing, archiving, and imaging systems

A brief review of the elements around the signing ceremony and configuring the settings in both eSign and Adobe Sign

Rounding out the Administrative settings and reviewing the coming activities

Activity Checklist

  • Ensure anyone with system administrative responsibilities completes all lessons
  • All members of the implementation team are advised to complete all lessons
  • Complete all lesson activities
  • Document areas of confusion, questions, etc.
  • Participate in Administrative Consulting/Training engagement


Each lesson contains a link to a Lesson Guide. This link provides a combined document of all lesson guides for Stage 3

This brief guide may help answer questions you may have about setting up and managing users in MS Azure Active Directory

What's Next

Once your team has completed the lessons in Stage 3 (or upon completion of each lesson) your IMM System Administrator(s) should perform the configuration activities outlines on each lesson page being sure to make note of any questions or concerns. After completing all of the configuration activities, your IMM Project Manager will contact you to set up your Consultative Training and Q&A session with an IMM Solution Consultant. Stage 4 will guide you through the process of creating an initial set of Document Templates and Attachments and further deepen your knowledge of how these will best function to meet your process requirements.