User and Group Settings


We’ve already learned a great deal about how users are set up and what sorts of permissions exist for users and groups. Now it’s time to see where those settings are configured, and begin to configure them for your solution.

Key Elements

  • Refresher on MS Azure AD/IMM eSign relationship and how users are created
  • Detailed exploration of the User Settings options
  • Detailed exploration of the Group Settings options

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Set up initial group of users in IMM eSign
  • Make any desired alterations to the default Users Group
  • Set up at least one group in addition to the three default groups to practice how it is done
  • Record any questions your team has to discuss with your IMM Solution Specialist


This brief guide may help answer questions you may have about setting up and managing users in MS Azure Active Directory

What's Next

In Lesson 3 we will more deeply examine the archiving of documents from IMM eSign into your institution’s Imaging System. We will walk through the settings and discuss considerations and ultimately establish an initial set of Imaging System settings.