Navigation/General Settings


With any new software application, there is an adjustment period of becoming comfortable with the components, options, and navigating the solution. This first lesson will cover some basics around navigating the IMM eSign application and online documentation and will present the General Settings configuration screens.

Key Elements

  • Accessing and navigating the IMM eSign cloud application on the desktop
  • Exploration of the help menu and online documentation
  • Thorough presentation of the general settings
  • Enablement of your eSign System Administrator to set options according to your solution needs

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to launch IMM eSign in all situations
  • Be able to search for online help on a specific topic
  • Configure your IMM eSign system’s general settings

What's Next

In Lesson 2 we will walk through the user and group setting screens which will further educate you on user set-up and enable you to make any additional decisions about your user permissions.