Setting Signing Options


The actual process of a person signing documents electronically has a certain flow and requirements. In this lesson we will briefly review the elements already introduced and then look at where the settings are configured in both eSign and Adobe Sign.

Key Elements

  • A brief review of the signing elements, considerations, and permissions
  • Walkthrough of the eSignature Settings screens, options, and areas of discussion
  • Introduction of the Adobe Sign administrative screens and considerations

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a robust understanding of the signing process both in person and remote
  • Apply your institution’s decisions around signing in the IMM eSign configuration screens
  • Apply your institution’s decisions around remote signing in Adobe Sign
  • Record any questions your team has to discuss with your IMM Solution Specialist

What's Next

In Lesson 5, the final lesson of Stage 3, we will explore a few remaining items including reporting.