eSign End-to-End Demonstration


Welcome to your first walkthrough of the IMM eSign software. The lesson will use the use case of two people applying for an auto loan where one applicant is present in branch while the second applicant is remote.

Learning Objectives

  • Have a good sense of what the software will look like in your institution and how you will use it
  • Understand the flow of documents from the business system to IMM eSign to the signer and then to the archive
  • Begin to think of specific ways your institution will utilize IMM eSign

Lesson Video

Key Elements

  • Sending documents to IMM eSign from your business system is as simple as sending them to a printer.
  • IMM eSign allows you to review and add additional documents as needed before starting the signature process.
  • The IMM eSign interface is user friendly and straightforward


This PDF serves as a summary guide for all lessons in Stage 1.


No new terms introduced in this lesson

What's Next

In Lesson 5 we will introduce some additional concepts not yet explored in the previous lessons in order to help your team be better prepared for the initial discussions as the project kicks off. You can proceed to Lesson five by clicking on LESSON 5: Elements to Consider as you Begin your eSign Project below.