In this lesson we will more deeply explore IMM’s flexible and configurable options around indexing, archiving, and imaging systems. There are important considerations when it comes to setting up the specifics and the processes involved in archiving your documents to your institution’s Imaging System. This lesson will give you the knowledge you will need to make initial decisions but more importantly ask the right questions to ensure a successful setup.

Key Elements

  • A brief review of archives and the overall process leading to the archiving of documents to an imaging system
  • Discussion and exploration of indexes
  • Deep examination of the Imaging System Settings screen and the options therein

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Fully understand the default archives the come with any IMM eSign system
  • Be prepared to discuss your imaging settings with your IMM Solution Specialist
  • Be prepared to discuss your imaging process and requirements with your imaging vendor
  • Set up indexes and imaging settings and take note of any questions or areas of confusion

What's Next

In Lesson 4 we will more deeply examine all of the options you’ll need to consider surrounding the signing ceremonies.