Onboarding Center

IMM eSign Cloud


Welcome to the IMM eSign family. We appreciate and value your choice of our advanced eSignature solution for your financial institution.

We have designed a collaborative onboarding program comprised of a series of stages that will guide you as you navigate through the preparation, implementation, and training as we take IMM eSign Cloud live within your institutional environment. An overview of the Implementation Plan can be found here: Implementation Plan Overview.

Our team is ready to make sure your project is smooth, effective and meets your individual business requirements.

A Note about Support during Onboarding

During the initial onboarding and implementation phase of your IMM product, your IMM Project Manager will serve as the point of contact for any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise. Getting you answers and solutions in a timely manner is a top priority and keeping track of your progress is key to the success of your project and of the whole IMM family. Please use the form located here to submit your questions during this initial phase. We will reply to your submission within one business day and, if needed, assign a resource to work with you to facilitate a solution in a timely manner.


This Onboarding Center serves as your guide—a reference point, and an ongoing source of product knowledge. Here you will find a step-by-step approach to the implementation of your IMM product. Each onboarding stage encompasses a combination of self-guided lessons, activities, and assignments designed to provide you with the knowledge of the system fundamentals, concepts, and feature/functionality. Upon completion of the self-guided portion, our solution experts will then use their expertise to guide you through live consulting sessions, ensuring that you understand the concepts and fundamentals and applying those to your institution’s specific business use cases and requirements.

This program will allow you to move efficiently through the onboarding process. Your onboarding project manager will be available throughout the program to help you navigate the various stages and to schedule your consulting sessions.

Onboarding IMM eSign entails six core stages which are laid out in a logical progression according to our approach to a new implementation. In this way you are able to understand the process from start to finish and determine the best approach for your institution specifically with regards to timing and staffing.

Our goal is to provide you the tools and guidance your institution needs to take ownership of your IMM investment. While we are your partner in success, we also strive to enable you to stand on your own.

Onboarding Stages

The following presents the components of the six stages of the onboarding and implementation process for IMM eSign Cloud:



Understanding how eSign functions & preparing for implementation

  • Lessons
  • Customer Profile Form
  • Kickoff

Getting Started

Understanding the various elements that make up eSign & preparing for installation & configuration

  • Lessons
  • Implementation Workbook
  • Information Gathering Consultation
  • Installation

System Administration

Guiding through the setup of the eSign system

  • Lessons
  • System Administration Set-up Guide
  • Administration Q/A Consultation

Creating Templates

Guiding through the setup of templates & attachments

  • Lessons
  • Template Configuration Guide
  • Template Creation Consultation

User Preparedness

Preparing for & developing end-user training

  • Lessons
  • Training Walkthrough Video
  • Customer Acceptance Form
  • User Training Consultation
  • Launch

Finishing Up

Review the eSign implementation & preparing for the future

  • Lessons
  • Wrap-up Call

Bold = Live Meeting/Event

The transition between each stage will be a live meeting with an IMM project team member. Some of these meetings will be of a project management nature and others will be a consultative interaction to provide training, guidance, and support.


By establishing this mostly self-guided methodology we’re empowering our customers to take control of the process as much as possible. It is recommended that you establish your implementation team first and that all members of that team complete the lessons in Stage 1. (The Stage 1 lessons may also help you determine who should be a member of your implementation team.) After all members have completed the lessons and you have completed the required activities, you will participate in a Kickoff meeting with your IMM project manager. This meeting will be a level-setting call during which each of the stages of the implementation process will be discussed, requirements and expectations will be reviewed, and a plan and timeline will be determined.


Welcome to the World of IMM eSign. In this first stage, implementation team members at the institution obtain a solid understanding of what eSign is and what it looks like, as well as foundational elements to starting a new IMM eSign implementation project.

Develop a deeper understanding of the elements of eSign and prepare for the implementation process. Though at a high level still, you’ll learn about security, permissions, document templates, signature interfaces, integration with imaging systems, and case studies. At the close of this stage, you will work with an IMM expert to install the eSign components in your environment.

Focused primarily on the designated individual(s) at the institution who will be responsible for managing and administering the eSign system, during this stage your team will get into the details of system set-up and maintenance and make decisions about how the solution will function to best meet your business needs. Each lesson will have a set of tasks that your team will complete in preparation for a consulting session with an eSign expert.

In this stage, the implementation team will learn how to and begin to set up the templates that will be used by eSign to recognize documents being generated from business systems and uploaded to eSign. Prior to this stage, discussions around templates have been generic, but now all the specifics will be explored and implemented. Your project team will begin setting up templates on their own prior to the consulting engagements with an eSign template expert.

Congratulations! Now it is time to train your end users and launch your fully set up eSign system. Prior to this stage all aspects of the system were set up and decisions were made about the scope of the initial roll-out. Now’s the time to educate the members of your institution’s team that will utilize eSign and finalize the documentation you will provide to them.

In the final stage we focus on the ongoing maintenance of the eSign system and discuss strategies for maximizing the use of the system throughout your institution. We will also examine lessons learned and transition your institution to the IMM Support team.

We look forward to working with you and know both your employees and your consumers will enjoy the convenience and signing experience of IMM eSign.