Welcome to the Introduction stage!

Here we will provide you with a ground level of understanding. The lessons in this stage are intended for all institution employees who will be part of the implementation project team or need to understand the implementation at a high level. These may include IT staff, managers, directors, C-level decision makers, and subject matter experts. Much of the detail covered in the lessons for this stage will also be included in the User Preparedness stage which will be used primarily by end users who are not in a project or decision maker role.

Key Elements of this Stage

Lessons Customer Profile Readiness Form Kickoff Meeting

The lessons in this stage will enable you to:

  • Have a good understanding of what eSign is
  • Understand how eSign fits in your business process(es)
  • Be able to describe the essential functions of eSign to someone else
  • Feel comfortable having discussions about how your institution will use eSign
  • Understand what the steps are in the implementation process

After completing the lessons, you will fill out a Customer Profile form. This form will capture key elements about your institution and some project details that will aid the IMM project team in the planning and management of your eSign implementation. After you complete the form you will submit it along with the Readiness form (below). Once submitted, your IMM project team will schedule your project kickoff call.

Lessons in this Stage

A first glimpse at IMM eSign.

A view of the basic eSign process from the perspective of an institution’s employee.

A view of the basic eSign process from the perspective of a signing party.

See what IMM eSign actually looks like in this view of the software.

Who should be involved, and at what stage? What processes and documents should be part of the initial roll-out? What external factors should be kept in mind?

A brief overview of the implementation process, the key players, activities, and milestones.

Activity Checklist

  • Identify members of your implementation team
  • Complete all lessons
  • Download and complete Customer Profile
  • Submit Readiness Form
  • Participate in Kickoff meeting

What's Next

After the Kickoff call, STAGE 2: Getting Started will begin. The team identified as your implementation team should all participate in the lessons and activities included in Stage 2.

Readiness Form

Please complete both pages, attach the completed Customer Profile, and submit the Readiness Form.