eSign Through the Signer’s Eyes


This third lesson in the Introduction stage will let you get a glimpse of the eSignature experience from the signers’ perspective and round out your high-level overview of IMM eSign.

Because there are multiple ways in which the signer might utilize eSign, for now, we’ll focus on a single use case and only some of the options they might see.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how a signer will navigate eSign
  • Learn the fundamental elements of the signing experience
  • Be able to describe the signing experience to a signer

Lesson Video

Key Elements

  • The in-person/in-branch signer will be able to see the documents they are signing and will use a signature device to capture their signature
  • Signers will agree to a disclosure statement before electronically signing their documents
  • Remote signers are able to sign documents using their smartphone, tablet, or computer and the process is simple


This PDF serves as a summary guide for all lessons in Stage 1.


No new terms introduced in this lesson

What's Next

In Lesson 4 we get to see the IMM eSign software in action and learn about a few more options. You can proceed to Lesson four by clicking on LESSON 4: eSign End-to-End Demonstration below.