Welcome to the World of IMM eSign


Are you ready to learn?

In this, your first lesson, you will get an initial overview of IMM eSign.  See the ways in which IMM eSign will enable you to easily provide electronic signature options to your consumers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of eSign
  • See how eSign fits in with your institution’s business processes
  • Become familiar with the flow of documents from business system to signer to archive

Lesson Video

Key Elements

  • IMM is a technology company that focuses exclusively on helping Financial Institutions
  • eSign is an IMM product that enables your institution to capture customers’ legal signatures on electronic copies of documents either in person or remotely, using a computer or mobile device
  • IMM eSign makes this process as simple as printing documents from your computer
  • IMM eSign makes the process for the signer easy and convenient


This PDF serves as a summary guide for all lessons in Stage 1.


Session: a set of documents kept together like a folder or envelope. Used to organize the documents that need to be signed or displayed to the signer(s). The session allows the employee to have the signing party view and sign documents either in person or remotely.

Remote Signer: When a signer is not present in branch. The session is “delivered” to them using their email address so they can sign documents wherever they are.

Two-factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security designed to ensure that the intended signer is the only person who can access and sign documents. Different methods are available: one-time passwords, text codes via smartphones, KBA, and Government ID.

KBA: Knowledge-based Authentication. This type of authentication requires that a remote signer answer questions about themselves in order to prove their identity.

Signing Ceremony:  The activity of the consumer signing the documents in the session. Can take place in person, remotely, or a combination of both.

What's Next

In Lesson 2 we will learn more about how IMM eSign works from your vantage point. You can proceed to Lesson two by clicking on Lesson 2: eSign Through your Eyes below.