What's Next

Now that you have completed all the Stages of the Onboarding process it is time to schedule your Go-Live, review what’s been done, consider lessons learned and look back on the process, and transition to live client support.

Go-Live Activity

During this final Stage, your Implementation Project Manager will want to stay in close contact with you. They will be scheduling a dedicated go-live resource and timeframe with you. This dedicated resource will be available for a scheduled period as you make the transition to live. They will assist you with questions, concerns, and issues. Should you need to contact this resource beyond the initial period, please be sure to email and communicate with your Implementation Project Manager as well to keep them up to date and ensure your query is addressed.

Transition to Support

Once you are successfully live using eSign with the business system(s) identified for this implementation project, your Implementation Project Manager will confirm this with you and schedule a brief call to wrap up the project.

Now is a good time to ask yourselves: Are there any outstanding questions, things you didn’t get to create, implement, or learn? Maybe you’d like to secure some additional professional services time with a dedicated resource to enhance your solution? What’s next for your institution: are there other areas that you’d like to implement, other uses you envision?

Your newly assigned Client Experience Manager, who will be introduced to you during your final wrap up call, can help you navigate these questions and more. They’re there for you! Get to know them!

Lastly, your Implementation Project Manager will share valuable links and resources available on the IMM website, they are also listed below in the Resources.

Don’t forget, you have access to this onboarding site and can continue to use the materials as needed for internal education, onboarding new employees, refreshing your knowledge, etc.

Congratulations! We hope that your experience has been excellent, and we will strive to continue that level of excellence going forward. We welcome and value your feedback and will be reaching out with a post-deployment survey which we hope you’ll take the time to complete with your Client Experience Manager.


Project Closure Confirmation Form

Use this link to access the Project Closure Confirmation Form for your onboarding project. This form confirms to your IMM Project Manager and IMM that you have completed the onboarding project. Additionally, this form asks you to indicate any outstanding questions, concerns, and issues ensuring those are documented and can be handled accordingly. You can also use this form to let us know about any future projects you plan to use eSign for.


As part of the post live stage, new support inquires can be submitted to IMM’s Technical Support team.
IMM Support Guidelines can be found on the IMM Support Information page here.


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Client Experience

To ensure you receive best-in-class account management and support you have been assigned a dedicated Client Experience Manager as a part of your overall IMM experience. To contact your CEM or the Client Experience team click here.

Ongoing Education

IMM created the More You Know monthly webinar to share information about our products that might interest our clients. Be sure to visit The More You Know and subscribe for updates.