Welcome to Stage 5 of the IMM eSign Cloud Onboarding experience: User Preparedness (and other final topics)

In the last few stages, your project team has learned all about eSign, how to set up all the administrative options, and how to set up the templates and attachment types. Now it is time to become acquainted with the user experience and user options and functions that have been mentioned throughout the previous stages. By the end of this stage you will be ready to train your end users and launch your fully set up eSign system.

Key Elements of this Stage

Lessons Creating Training Materials User Training Consultation

This stage consists of three lessons. The first lesson is a recap of the “basics” of eSign – the demos you saw in Stage 1. The second lesson houses several short videos intended to demonstrate discrete user functions that may or may not be used by your employees during the eSign process. The third lesson provides some suggestions on creating user training materials. After you complete the lessons and work with your team to discuss the training approach, your IMM project team will schedule your user training consultation session with your implementation specialist—this session is designed to be a combination of “train the trainer” and a follow-up on remaining questions or concerns your team may have and is not intended to be end user training.


The lessons in this stage will enable you to:

  • Prepare for end user training and system roll-out/go-live
  • Become familiar with some of the more unique user features and functionality that have not yet been fully explored
  • Be able to discuss the specific needs your institution may have with your IMM specialist

Lessons in this Stage

Use the initial video lessons from Stage 1 to give end users a foundational understanding of eSign

Watch the videos and explore nearly every possible function available to the users when processing a signing session

Suggestions on creating user training materials

Activity Checklist

  • Ensure all members of the project team complete all lessons
  • Identify the key personnel responsible for end user training
  • Document any areas of confusion, questions, etc. to discuss with your Implementation Specialist
  • Participate in Training Consulting engagement

What's Next

Once your team has completed the lessons in Stage 5 your project team should meet to discuss your institution’s specific needs and approach to end user training. Be sure to make note of questions and concerns you may have for your Implementation Specialist. Although IMM does not offer the creation of institution-specific training materials, any of the materials or videos found on this onboarding site, or elsewhere on the IMM website, may be used to create your training materials. Your IMM Project Manager will contact you to set up your Training Consulting engagement with an IMM Implementation Specialist.

Stage 6 provides the opportunity to wrap up any final to do items, discuss the ongoing maintenance of the eSign system, and discuss strategies for maximizing the use of the system throughout your institution. It will also provide both teams the opportunity to examine lessons learned while we transition your institution to the IMM Support team.