Welcome to Stage 4 of the IMM eSign Cloud Onboarding experience: Creating Templates (and Attachments)

In the last stage, your project team learned about all of the administrative options in eSign with the exception of templates and attachments. Now it’s time for your team to learn how to, and also begin to, set up the templates that will be used by eSign to recognize documents being generated from business systems and uploaded to eSign. In this stage all the specifics of template design will be explored and your project team will begin setting up templates on their own prior to the consulting engagement with an eSign template expert.

Key Elements of this Stage

Lessons Template Configuration Consultation/Training

This stage consists of five lessons each of which contains a video and a supporting guide document. Once again your implementation workbook from Stage 2 will come into play as a place for your team to record specifics about your templates and needed attachment types that you will ultimately implement. After you complete the lessons and configure your first few templates, your IMM project team will schedule your consultation/training session with your implementation specialist.


The lessons in this stage will enable you to:

  • More fully document the specifics of the templates and attachments you will be creating
  • Create new templates and attachment types
  • Be able to discuss the specific needs your institution may have with your IMM specialist

Lessons in this Stage

Reminders of what we have learned so far with regards to templates, attachments, indexes, etc.

Watch the creation of a template in just a few minutes

Dive deep into all of the options, functions, and nuances that are part of creating a template

Learn how to create an Attachment Type and understand its use

We will cover the most common exceptions and specific scenarios your institution may encounter

Activity Checklist

  • Ensure anyone with system administrative responsibilities completes all lessons
  • Ensure anyone with document administrative responsibilities completes all lessons
  • All members of the implementation team are advised to complete all lessons
  • Create at least 4 templates and 1 attachment type in your system
  • Document areas of confusion, questions, etc.
  • Participate in Template Creation Consulting/Training engagement


Each lesson contains a link to a Lesson Guide. This link provides a combined document of all lesson guides for Stage 4

What's Next

Once your team has completed the lessons in Stage 4 (or upon completion of each lesson) your IMM Document Administrator(s) should configure at least 4 templates and 1 attachment type as outlined on the lesson pages—being sure to make note of any questions or concerns. After completing all the template configuration activities, your IMM Project Manager will contact you to set up your Consultative Training and Q&A session with an IMM Solution Consultant. Stage 5 will guide you through the process of preparing for and developing end-user training including any features of the product from a user perspective that have not yet been covered.