Additional Items and Exceptions


Throughout Stage 4 we have dived deeply into the creation and use of templates and attachments. There are a few elements of the Document Maintenance page that were left off and this lesson will address those. Additionally, the materials presented so far have assumed that there are no exceptions and no unique circumstances, so this lesson will also introduce some of the most common of those unique circumstances and exceptions to make you aware and provide topics for discussion with your IMM Specialist.

Key Elements

  • Navigating the Document Maintenance page and editing existing templates
  • Overview of document level indexes and indexing
  • Discussion of internet browser considerations when virtual printing PDFs
  • Introduction to business system specific considerations
  • Discussion and review of imaging system specific considerations

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Plan for the ongoing maintenance of document templates and attachments.
  • Determine the potential nuances and exceptions to template and attachment design and use that may exist in your institution’s processes.
  • Record any questions your team has to discuss with your IMM Solution Specialist

What's Next

Once your team has viewed the videos in Stage 4 and performed the various activities, including creating at least four (4) templates and one (1) attachment type, indicate that you are ready for your consultative training session with an IMM Specialist.

In Stage 5: User Preparedness, we will approach IMM eSign primarily from the perspective of the user within your institution. The materials will cover nearly all possible user functions. The goal of Stage 5 is to provide your team with the tools necessary to plan, develop, and deploy user training for your broader user base and enable you to take your solution live.