Creating a Template


In the video for this lesson, we will watch as a template is created from scratch. The goal is to introduce the learner to the process of creating a template and demonstrate just how easy it is.

Prior to this lesson, if you feel additional grounding in basic concepts would be helpful, you may consider a review of Stage 2, Lesson 2 which talks at a high level about Templates and Attachments.

After watching the video, be sure to work with your team to perform the Lesson Activity, below.

Key Elements

  • Refresher on Source Documents
  • View how a standard template is created including: designating Document Type, defining Indexes, designating Signing Parties and Signature Locations, and adding a Data field
  • Acquire the foundation on which to learn the details of template design

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Use the information presented on the major elements of a template, how they are applied to a sample document, and what some options are to perform the activity below.
  • ACTIVITY: Use your Implementation Workbook to record the details of all the templated documents you will create in your solution
  • Record any questions your team has to discuss with your IMM Solution Specialist

What's Next

In Lesson 3 we will break down all the elements of template creation. By the end of Lesson 3 you will be able to start defining your own templates. Be sure to record your document types in your Implementation Workbook now.