Breaking it Down


In this lesson we explore the many options, functions, and nuances that make up template design. The video in this lesson will be a bit longer than most as it will cover all the components of template design and talk about options that were not covered, or at least not fully covered, in the demo in the previous lesson.

After watching the video, be sure to work with your team to perform the Lesson Activity, below.

Key Elements

  • Learn how to define Document Types and examine various considerations
  • Learn how to define Indexes and examine various considerations
  • Learn how to identify signing Parties
  • Learn how to apply signature and initial fields to a template and how to assign them to parties.
  • Learn how to add data entry fields to templates and understand how the types are different
  • Learn how to align and adjust fields added to a template

Lesson Video

Learning Objectives

  • Apply your knowledge of all the elements of a template, how they are applied to a template, and what all of the options are how you might use them in your processes.
  • ACTIVITY: With your newfound knowledge, identify at least four (4) document types from your Implementation Workbook and define templates for them in your eSign solution.
  • Record any questions your team has to discuss with your IMM Solution Specialist

What's Next

In Lesson 4 we will learn all about attachments.