Support Request

IMM’s support center is here to assist our valued clients when questions or unexpected product behaviors arise.

If you have questions or concerns outside of product or technical issues, please follow this link to be directed to the Client Experience Program.

For critical outage or severe issues that require immediate attention, please call our support center at 1-800-836-4750 and select option #3.

For all other non-urgent requests, simply complete the short form below to generate a ticket with our support center. Please include the IMM product and version (if available) along with as much detailed information as you can to help us understand the situation and to assign it to the most effective resources available. NOTE: You must provide your Contact Name, Email, Phone, FI Name (i.e. the name of your credit union or bank), and a Description

Thank you for submitting your support request. Our team will respond to your request timely.

Please provide details on what is not working, and how you can reproduce the issue. How many users are affected? Is the issue sporadic or constant? Do you have a workaround?