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General Support Information

Support Request

To submit a support request, simply complete the short form. Please include the IMM product and version (if available) along with a comprehensive description of your request. We will respond to your request timely.

Last Updated October 2021

Customer Support Guidelines

At IMM, we developed standardized policies that govern our support program. These policies are in place to ensure that each client receives a positive, productive, and comprehensive experience with our trained support staff. Customers interested in learning more about our standard practices and features may refer to the Customer Support Program Policies document by selecting the button below.

Last Updated October 2021

Document Pricing Guidelines

This document is for those customers who elect to have IMM build and/or maintain custom “smart” documents for their organization. This document covers our pricing, programs, and policies surrounding IMM generated and/or maintained documents. Customers who want to inquire further about having IMM create and/or maintain your organization’s forms should contact their Regional Client Success Manager for more information.

Join Support Session

When prompted by your IMM support representative, you may join your support session by selecting the button below.

Upload Logs or Support Files

When prompted by your IMM support representative, you may upload supporting documents and files to our support team via secure transfer by selecting the button below.