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At IMM we believe that staying in touch with our clients is a high priority and to accomplish that we leverage an email subscription list. These emails range from product updates & alerts to general company information. By providing important information via the email subscription service, it allows us to keep you well informed about a variety of topics. The information you provide to IMM when subscribing is protected and never shared with anyone outside of the IMM organization.


In order to receive any of these updates you need to subscribe to our email lists by choosing the “Subscribe Here Now” link below. Also, at any time you can unsubscribe or adjust your email preferences by emailing us, [email protected], or selecting the preferences button at the bottom of any of our email communications.

What Does “Email Whitelist” Mean?

Email whitelist is a list of approved or “safe” email addresses of which a spam filter always allows delivery. Typically, a user has to manually add the sender or the sender’s address to a list of “approved” or “safe senders” within his or her email client for an address to be whitelisted, which is a different process in various email clients.


Below we have provided some methods as to how you can whitelist our emails and delivery server.

Have Your IT/Network Admin Whitelist our Email Service

We have been made aware that some firewalls block our informative emails which then cause a soft bounce on our end which adds you to a suppressed list. Once on this list you wont receive any email communication from us without being removed which we need your confirmation to do. In order to combat this we have a few IP addresses that will allow you to receive our emails without any issues.

Whitelist Our Email Addresses

Another quick, one-time-only task to ensure the sender of an email gets added to the recipient’s address book or safe senders list. Usually, all you need to do is open an email message and verify the sender can be trusted. A majority of our emails come from [email protected] or [email protected].


If you need a more in depth guideline on whitelisting our email address please check out the helpful link provided by Campaign Monitor.

Return-path Sending Domains

Instead of whitelisting all of our sending IP addresses listed above, you can whitelist our domains. They currently include through to

Learn More at Campaign Monitor

We use campaign monitor to send all of our email blasts and have used their information to build this page for you. If these steps don’t work please reach out to us or browse the following links to better understand the issue at hand.

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