eSign User Functions


The eSign user interface offers multiple options for customizing the user experience based on the business processes and institutional decisions made by your implementation team. These options have been introduced, addressed, or described to various degrees throughout the administrative training. Depending on user permissions some options may or may not be available to some or all users.

In this lesson we will use short videos to demonstrate the various options.

Key Elements

  • Exploration of the process of creating and managing an eSign session
  • Demonstrations of the various functions available to users when working with sessions

Lesson Video

  • Navigating the Collected Documents and Session Details pages
  • Setting document order
  • Index values
  • Notes
  • Transferring Sessions

  • Adding documents/attachments

  • In person signing
  • Remote signing options
  • Requesting remote attachments

  • setting template
  • adding/editing parties/signature fields
  • adding/editing data fields

  • Data entry

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire multiple tools that can be used to create a training program for the end users of the IMM eSign system
  • Clarify end user functions referenced elsewhere in the eSign Onboarding materials


This PDF provides a high level visual and textual overview of the basic process flow for IMM eSign Cloud.

What's Next

In Lesson 3, the final lesson of Stage 5, we’ll talk briefly about strategies you may want to use to facilitate the training of your end users.