Press Releases

IMM and Peak Consulting Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Enhanced Electronic Signature Solutions ➜

Premier core banking platform and renowned best practice consultancy provide banks enhanced digital experience.

IMMeSign June 13, 2023

IMM Integrates eReceiptsPlus with CSI’s NuPoint Core Banking Platform ➜

Next-generation digital receipts application now available to NuPoint client banks

IMMeSign June 6, 2023

IMM Continues Market Share Expansion, Reports Record Growth YTD ➜

Legacy eSignature platform limitations drive growing demand for IMM eSign

IMMeSign May 23, 2023

CFM Announces Strategic Acquisition of IMM ➜

Combination of CFM, NXTsoft, and IMM creates leading banking software platform, enabling digital transformation for over 2,500 financial institutions.

IMMeSign April 13, 2023

Financial Plus Credit Union Expands Relationship with IMM, Adds IMM eReceiptsPlus ➜

Long-time client advances digital-first strategy by moving to the Cloud.

IMMeSign April 12, 2023

United Bank of Michigan Replaces Legacy eSignature Platform with IMM eSign ➜

Seamless interoperability with Fiserv Premier banking platform delivers superior experience with faster digital transaction processing.

IMMeSign March 29, 2023

ProcessMaker Partners with IMM to Increase Digital Banking Efficiency ➜

Fintech provider integrates eSignature technology to ease and streamline account application process.

IMMeSign March 14, 2023

Medisys Employees Federal Credit Union Generates Significant Revenue and Closes 33% More Loans Leveraging IMMs eSign ➜

Fintech providers join forces to integrate embedded eSignatures within industry’s most advanced, cloud-based support services and tax reporting for retirement…

IMMeSign February 15, 2023