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Digitally Transform Your Institution with our Advanced Electronic Signature Solutions

IMM’s flagship eSignature platform, IMM eSign, is used by hundreds of Banks to power millions of “end-to-end” electronic transactions every month. Interfacing with virtually every business system used across the Bank today, IMM provides an easy-to-use, eSignature experience for consumers, while significantly transforming internal business processes and the way transactions flow across your institution. Begin your Digital Transformation journey with IMMeSign, the leading eSignature platform for Financial Institutions.


Business System Interface

– 1 –

Innovative technology that seamlessly interfaces across all business systems used in your Bank today to our advanced eSignature platform.


In-Person + Remote Signing

– 2 –

Native In-Person, Remote (or combined) signing ceremonies deliver unprecedented consumer convenience.


Device Flexibility

– 3 –

Use virtually any device to provide dynamic electronic signing experiences in-person or remote.


Advanced eSignature Technology

– 4 –

Unique techniques and technologies eliminate esignature set-up and manual data entry.


Archival to Imaging/ECM

– 5 –

One of our specialties! Seamless integration, complete with indexes, to any Imaging/ECM system.


On-Demand Routing

– 6 –

Easily transfer session ownership across the Bank to facilitate streamlined processing and controls.


Advanced API’s

– 7 –

Advanced programmer API’s enable specialized functionality and deeper integration with Business systems.


World Class Support

– 8 –

Eliminate cumbersome paper-based headaches and gain electronic processing efficiencies by bringing eSignatures into your Bank.


eSign Act Compliant

– 9 –

eSignatures allow you to break down geographical barriers and increase your customer base.

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With 25 years of experience powering the digital transformations of over 1,150 financial institutions, we’re simply the best choice to be your eSignature technology partner. Our industry-leading solutions along with our established reputation with Banks and Credit Unions make us unique amongst alternative eSign products.

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