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IMM’s flagship eSignature platform, IMM eSign, is used by hundreds of Financial Institutions to power millions of “end-to-end” electronic transactions every month. Interfacing with virtually every business system used across the Financial Institution today, IMM provides an easy-to-use, eSignature experience for consumers, while significantly transforming internal business processes and the way transactions flow across your institution.

In-Person & Remote

In-Person,Remote & Blended

Native In-Person, Remote, & Blended signing ceremonies deliver unprecedented consumer convenience.

Business System

Business System Integration

Our eSignatures seamlessly interface with all the business systems you use across the Bank today. View our expansive integration ecosystem

Enterprise Platform

Enterprise Platform

Use one eSignature platform universally across all departments and operating areas of your Financial Institution.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Eliminate cumbersome paper-based headaches and gain electronic processing efficiencies by bringing eSignatures into your Financial Institution.

Faster Processing

Faster Processing

eSignatures allow you to close transactions faster…and with fewer resources.

Expand Market

Expand Market Reach

eSignatures allow you to break down geographical barriers and increase your customer base.

Legally Binding

Legal, Secure & Compliant

Our eSignature platform is designed for financial industry requirements while exceeding security and regulatory standards. Learn more

Intuitive Experience

Intuitive Experience

Easy to use, creating a dynamic consumer experience and engagement.

Deployment Options

Deployment Options

Choose from hosted or premise-based implementation models to fit your Financial Institutions preference.



Unique pricing models to fit the specialized requirements for Financial Institutions of all sizes.

Follow a Natural eSignature Flow

No other eSignature solution provides a more seamless and fluid user experience for your employees as they facilitate and manage eSignature transactions. With a smooth as silk movement of documents from your business systems into a fully prepared eSign transaction, IMM eSign makes it simple and easy – as it should be!

What happens at each step along the way? Let’s show you:


Business System

Use any business system across your enterprise to initiate the digital business transaction.



Our technology automatically prepares documents for eSigning. No need for employees to tag or set-up the documents.



Native In-Person or Remote Signing options provide consumers with simplicity and convenience.



Signed documents and audit trails are indexed and sent to your Imaging/ECM solution to complete the digital lifecycle.

Need more than eSignatures?

Do you have broader digital transformation strategies that go beyond just simple eSignatures? IMM eSignPlus provides an extensible digital transaction processing platform that connects the front office experience to the back office process management. Control and enforce critical eSignature and surrounding business processes and tasks to occur in accordance with your Financial Institution’s established policies and procedures. Enhance compliance, boost productivity, and drive organizational efficiency with IMM’s unique business-rules driven eSignature and digital transaction management solution.

Fast, Efficient, Connected and Secure


Banks trust IMM as their digital strategy partner.


of IMM clients use IMMeSign year after year.


Integrations and Interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do IMM’s eSignature solutions integrate with our core/host system?

IMM’s eSignature solutions are directly integrated with core/host systems from many financial industry software packages, including new account and loan origination systems. This makes it easy for your employees to initiate eSignature transactions with minimal manual effort. It also dramatically minimizes the opportunity for employee error since signature fields no longer have to be “drag and dropped” onto the documents, nor do specific signers need to be assigned to signature fields. Our enterprise-level eSignature platform does all the setup work seamlessly – and in real-time.

Additionally, our eSignature technology contains an “out-of-the-box” integration capability to accommodate documents from systems that do not have established technology integrations with our platform. The IMM Virtual Printer allows virtually any document to be “printed” to our platform where the eSignature transaction is initiated. Documents “printed” to the IMM virtual printer are then analyzed against a series of user-defined templates to automate and streamline document setup and eSignature processing rules.

Our institution is interested in eSignatures. What devices do you support for consumers to use to eSign their documents?

Our eSignature solution, IMM eSign, provides for both in-person as well as remote (cloud-based) electronic signature capabilities. For In-Person signing, consumers can sign documents using traditional signature pads, tablet devices (iOS and Windows-based tablets), touch-enabled monitors, and even standard desktop PCs using our “Type to Sign” technology. For remote signing, virtually any device, using any operating system (including smartphones) can be used to view and eSign documents remotely.

Can you support having both in-person and remote signatures used when there are multiple signers on a transaction?

Absolutely. IMM eSign supports what we refer to as a “blended” signature. This delivers the ultimate consumer convenience options. With blended signatures, one borrower (for example) can sign in person, and then the co-borrower can sign remotely. Both individual signature types are applied to the same source documents and all audit controls are maintained across each individual signature ceremony. Note: IMM also supports both parties signing in-person, or both parties signing remotely. Blended signatures are just one more value-added option provided by IMM’s unique eSignature technology.

How do our completed (eSigned) documents get stored in our Imaging/ECM system?

All completed documents and their associated audit files are generated in fully-indexed and encrypted, industry-standard PDF file formats, and seamlessly filed into your Imaging/ECM system. This means that the items are easily stored without manual scanning or indexing. By storing in native PDF format, it also means that you can view the documents easily using your Imaging solutions native document viewing technology.

What Imaging/ECM solutions do you support for the archival interface?

IMM’s archiving interface supports storing of fully-indexed PDFs into virtually any Imaging/ECM solution that is used in the financial services industry. With hundreds and hundreds of Financial Institutions using our solutions, we’ve most likely already interfaced to the system being used at your Institution.

Are eSignatures Legal?

In a short answer, Yes. Both UETA and the ESIGN acts provide the governing legislation that draws parity and legal equality for electronically executed documents/contracts to their traditional paper counterparts. Since these acts went into effect in 1999 and 2000, millions of electronic contracts, agreements, and business transactions have been signed using electronic signature technology. Throughout this period, the court system has upheld the legality of these electronic transactions providing they follow the guidelines set forth by UETA and ESIGN.

IMM”s eSign solutions are fully compliant and align specifically with the legal guidelines of these important congressional acts.

What benefits can we expect to gain by implementing eSignatures?

Our clients have expressed a multitude of benefits and efficiency gains they have experienced, many are similar across a variety of organizations while others might be unique as they are applied to specific business challenges.

In general, you can expect to elevate the consumer experience, making it fast, easy and convenient for consumers to complete critical business transactions, documents, and forms – when and where it’s most comfortable for them. While driving substantial convenience and expediency to transaction processing – this is not achieved by sacrificing important security considerations. All transactions are as secure and legally enforceable as they are intuitive and pleasant for the consumer.

You will also note substantial gains in operational efficiency as transactions will be completed much faster and in accordance with your established operating policies and procedures. Compliance initiatives are achieved through audit trails and transactional rules-based controls. And when viewed in combination, the aggregate of back-office process transformation will ultimately reduce operating costs. These are just highlights of some of the back-office transformation you can expect to gain when introducing eSignatures into your organizational culture.

How does IMM eSign support ``Demonstrable Consent``?

One of the most challenging and misunderstood elements of the ESIGN act – is the area referred to as “demonstrable consent”. Many compliance officers and team members may ask questions about how an eSign solution provides or fulfills demonstrable consent. In order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of how IMMeSign addresses demonstrable consent, we’ve prepared a special digital white paper for you and your team. You can access and view the white paper by selecting the link below.

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