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IMM eSign

IMM eSign (formerly known as TotaleAtlas) is setting new standards for eSignature processing and management within the financial industry. At its foundation, IMM eSign is an enterprise-wide electronic document presentment and eSignature platform that manages and maintains an “end-to-end” electronic transaction. Capable of processing any document or form used to conduct business within the financial institution, IMM eSign is comprehensive, designed, and priced to meet the eSignature needs of any-size financial institution.

IMM eSignPlus

IMM’s eSignPlus is the fastest, easiest way to streamline your financial institution’s business processes, increase staff productivity, and enhance the consumer’s overall experience—all while reducing operational costs. eSignPlus is highly scalable and provides flexible productivity tools that can automate document and approval processes, with the ability to adapt to the ongoing changes in your financial institution’s business practices.

IMM eReceiptsPlus

IMM has been an innovator of digital solutions for financial institutions over the past 25 years. Our technology has allowed institutions to meet or exceed consumer expectations for delivering convenience, ease and simplicity when performing banking transactions. Our classic Digital Receipts solution, IMM eReceipts, has been driving advanced capabilities for receipt technology for many years.

IMM eSign for Credit Unions

The Credit Union and Financial Services landscape can be as challenging as it is complex. Competition is stronger than ever, while regulations and compliance continue to be a priority for institutions. Yet, many of the documents and transactions generated within credit unions remain paper-based. This complicates the operating environment. Paperbased processing is costly, time consuming, and requires cumbersome policies and management practices — not to mention the impact paper-based processes and transactions have on the credit union member.

IMM eSign for Banks

The Banking and Financial Services landscape can be as challenging as it is complex. Competition is stronger than ever, while regulations and compliance continue to be a priority for institutions. Yet, many of the documents and transactions generated within banks remain paper-based. This complicates the operating environment. Paper-based processing is costly, time consuming, and requires cumbersome policies and management practices — not to mention the impact paper-based processes and transactions have on the banking customer.

IMM eSign Remote

The Internet, along with mobile devices, have given consumers great freedom with respect to how and when they can conduct personal business. With this new freedom comes expectations, expectations financial institutions must accommodate in order to meet the needs of the modern consumer. To remain relevant in this competitive market, financial institutions must provide convenience and ease-of-access for their consumers to conduct both personal and professional business “on-demand.”

IMM eSign Add-On Modules

eSign is IMM’s enterprise document presentment and eSignature platform. As a contemporary technology application, IMM eSign can be customized with a number of standard parameters and options, helping your institution adapt eSignatures to your specific business needs. For more sophisticated or individualized requirements, IMM has also developed a family of add-on modules that extend the value and benefits you can realize from your investment. Contact your IMM Client Success Manager for pricing and further information about these available modules.

eSignature API Interfaces

To support the needs of our business partners, IMM developed API interfaces that provide enhanced eSignature services and integration capabilities. These standardized interfaces are available to participants in the IMM business partner program as a value added portion of your technology alliance with IMM.

IMM eChecks

IMM eChecks is an intuitive software solution that generates official and batch checks, where they are printed “ondemand” to laser printers using blank stock security paper. With this eCheck solution, financial institutions eliminate the preprinting of blank check documents, and subsequent stock-control traditionally associated with pre-printed negotiable checks. Once eChecks have been printed— complete with logic controlled authorized signatures —the PDF version of the finalized check along with its associated indexes can be filed directly into any Imaging/ECM system for records archival.

IMM eReceipts

One of IMM’s most-popular eTransaction applications, IMM eReceipts enables the financial institution to generate “digital” or electronic receipts for teller transactions and deliver eReceipts via secure, electronic methods to the member.

IMM eTeller Check21

Check21 enables financial institutions to process and clear checks using electronic images and data. Now, IMM’s eTeller Check21 solution—an add-on module to the eReceipts platform—enables the institution to truncate the paper check directly at the teller line during the actual in-person transaction. eTeller Check21 enables processing efficiencies to begin earlier while improving the member service and satisfaction provided by this state-of-the-art Check21 processing solution.

eTransaction Solutions for Symitar Episys®

Modern technology and internet access provide consumers the freedom to conduct business when and where it’s convenient for them, and from any device that is readily available. These capabilities have become the “new normal” as consumers expect to interact with financial institutions and conduct business in the same manner of convenience as in their personal lives. Are you looking to provide more dynamic and convenient services and experiences to your members? Would you also like to streamline related back-office processes to drive efficiencies and reduce costs?

Consulting & Professional Services

Selecting an electronic transaction management solution to enhance consumer service, internal governance, or to achieve operational efficiency are just the beginning steps on your road to success. Increased productivity and reduced operational costs can be expected soon after your successful technology onboarding, and live production roll out across your institution.

Why Financial Institutions are Switching to IMM eSign

Many banks and credit unions are coming to IMM in search of an alternative eSignature partner due to frustration with their current provider’s per-envelop pricing model, poor customer service and lack of knowledge regarding the industry.

The Ultimate Guide to eSignatures for Financial Institutions

Electronic signatures or eSignatures provide the most compelling opportunity for banks and credit unions to close the customer experience gap- with use cases extending well beyond the typical examples of account opening and lending. 

IMM & Ascensus Featured in CU Business Magazine

We are well into the digital age and yet the flood of paperwork persists. While information can be readily translated into an electronic format, speeding along engagement and distribution highways, the digital process will come to a grinding halt at its most critical juncture: the point at which signatures are required from involved parties to complete business documents and processes. For credit unions, this can be felt in a number of areas and in differing ways.

E-Signing Makes More Than a Remote Difference for Essential FCU

Credit unions know the longer a new loan or account application remains unsigned the higher the chance of abandonment. Adding electronic signatures to the process increases the opportunity for success.

eSignatures: Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level

Business challenges continue to grow for today’s progressive financial institutions. From traditional areas of focus like profitability and growth, to the needs and expectations of a new generation of customers, to alternative types of banking competition — the list continues. Now add in the heightened issues and risks associated with data security, and you gain an appreciation of the daunting elements that make up a banker’s daily business life.

Beyond Convenience: The Legality and Security of eSignatures

The way banks engage and conduct business with their customers continues to change dramatically. Digital transformation has dominated the discussion, and the banking industry as a whole has acknowledged the strategic role digital has and will continue to play in ensuring a bank remains relevant for years to come. In fact, a 2018 report from Ernst and Young titled Digital Enterprise Transformation indicated that 65 percent of financial executives believed their revenues improved thanks to their digital transformation plans.

Credit Union Tracker: Knoxville Teachers FCU

Because KTFCU’s membership is education-specific, it takes a selective approach to which new financial innovations to adopt, Underwood said. For example, KTFCU recently added remote signature capabilities from eSignature solutions provider IMM for its members.

Revitalizing the Branch with Technology

Credit unions have made great strides in member relationships, but their branch operations have stayed stagnant. To stay relevant to the modern customer, branch innovation is crucial for CUs. Keep reading to learn how to develop dynamic in-branch experiences that will engage your members now and long into the future.


United Bank of Michigan

United Bank of Michigan, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has 13 branch locations spanning across the western Michigan area. The Bank, which was founded more than a century ago, manages more than $850 million in assets and is a leading small business lender in the community.

Medisys Employees Federal Credit Union

Medisys Employees Federal Credit Union (EFCU) serves approximately 3,400 members employed under the Medisys Health Network. Located in Jamaica Hospital in Jamaica (Queens), NY, with an additional branch at Flushing Hospital, the Credit Union currently holds approximately $34 million in assets and has been in operation for over 50 years.

First Financial Federal Credit Union

First Financial Federal Credit Union serves approximately 30,000 members located in the central and southern areas of the state. The credit union offers a number of services to its members that are on par with the technology offered by larger institutions, including online banking, online mortgage applications, automated telephone teller, bill pay and Loan Connection, a service that offers pre-approvals via telephone.

CoVantage Credit Union

The $1.2 billion-asset CoVantage Credit Union wanted to improve its approach to basic account management functions, consumer lending, and tax-advantaged account processes such as IRAs. In addition, CoVantage wanted to upgrade and refine their customers’ experiences with these processes. Until recently, the credit union had largely relied on manual paper documents and processes, and only offered limited signing options for in-branch visits.

CBW Schools Federal Credit Union

CBW Schools Federal Credit Union serves a vast geographic area from only two locations. The $108 million-asset credit union sought to serve members more quickly and easily, particularly when it came to executing lending agreements.

Aspire Federal Credit Union

New Jersey-based Aspire Federal Credit Union was in the process of converting its core system to a new provider, Corelation. Even with this transition, it wanted to keep with its existing eSignature environment, which had proven a successful component of the credit union’s digital strategy.

Mutual Credit Union

During a loan review in 2012, Mississippi-based Mutual Credit Union identified inconsistent loan practices across its five branches. Based on a recommendation, the credit union explored its electronic document and eSignature options as an alternative to its existing, fully manual lending practices.

EFCU Financial Federal Credit Union

Baton Rouge, La.-based EFCU Financial Federal Credit Union, implemented eWorkflow and eTeller solutions from IMM. With these successes, it chose to expand its use of the company’s eTransaction automation offerings. Understanding the cost and complexities associated with enlisting multiple vendors for various point solutions, the credit union decided to rely on IMM for a majority of its transactional needs, institution wide. As a result, EFCU Financial gained several new benefits and operation efficiencies.

Communication Federal Credit Union

Oklahoma-based, Communication Federal Credit Union, wanted to cutback its paper load. The credit union acknowledged that—especially on the lending side—it needed to make a change.

East Idaho Credit Union

Based in Idaho Falls, East Idaho Credit Union serves more than 34,000 members, some of whom live as far away as Malaysia. Customer lending transactions take significant time, and the credit union needed a solution to accelerate and simplify the process, regardless of where the member was residing.

US Federal Credit Union

Based in Burnsville, Minn., US Federal Credit Union (USFCU) operates 11 full-service branches located throughout the Minneapolis/ St. Paul community. The credit union offers a comprehensive menu of products and services to its 83,000 members, including checking and savings accounts, consumer loans, mortgages, commercial accounts, online services, insurance and financial planning. USFCU has been an Integrated Media Management (IMM) customer for approximately five years, beginning with TotaleReceipts™ and gradually adding TotaleChecks™ and TotaleAtlas™ software.

Hughes Federal Credit Union

Hughes Federal Credit Union was manually sending all of its back office-originated loans (online and outbound call center) to the various branches for funding. Express mail and front office staff expenses continued to grow, eventually impacting the credit union’s ability to provide optimal service to members visiting the branches. The Tuscon-based credit union even lost loan opportunities with the time to fund a loan stretching into a couple weeks.

Veridian Credit Union

Waterloo, Iowa-based Veridian Credit Union continues to grow and add branches into geographically diverse areas. To capitalize on these opportunities required focus on efficiency, cost effectiveness, and notably, compliance. The credit union needed to do more with less, keeping the integrity of processes in tact.

Eastman Credit Union

Founded in 1934 to serve the employees of Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn.-based Eastman Credit Union now offers membership to residents throughout much of east Tennessee and southwest Virginia, as well as employees of Eastman and its contractors. Today, the credit union has approximately $1.9 billion in assets and more than 96,000 members. Eastman members are supported with extensive services, including multiple savings and loan options, online and telephone banking, same-day wire transfers, insurance services and financial planning.

Community Trust Credit Union

Based in Gurnee, Ill., Community Trust Credit Union operates three full-service branches that serve two counties in Illinois and one in Wisconsin. With more than $158 million in assets, the credit union offers a comprehensive menu of products and services to more than 16,000 members, including online banking, a vehicle buying service, tax preparation and filing, credit reports and monitoring. Community Trust CU became an Integrated Media Management® (IMM) customer in 1998 and currently uses the full suite of TotaleWorks products, which consists of TotaleAtlas™, TotaleChecks™ and TotaleReceipts™

Lake City Bank

Lake City Bank saw an opportunity to create new process efficiencies and save costs by reducing its use of paper. The $3.4 billion bank also recognized the value that electronic transactions would have on its ability to elevate current customer service levels.

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