LiquidOffice Training Manual Subscribers

Welcome Subscribers! Here we will provide you the latest LiquidOffice Training Manual and resources. The resources and videos are available to be used without subscription.

The LiquidOffice Form Designer Training Manual teaches the basics of LiquidOffice Form Designer, outlines best practices for eSign document design, and provides information critical to implementing the eSign document solution.

To be able to download the future training manuals, IMM requires active annual subscription. IMM strongly recommends the annual subscription if the FI intends to design and maintain documents in-house.

Click the link to download the training manual. Use the password provided to open the training manual.

Here are the example documents which are referred in the training manual, they can be used to implement your own documents.

Each reference video provides you the required knowledge for the topic, which further helps you understand, plan and implement documents.

Best Practices for Document Design

See what IMM eSign upgrade means in terms of documents updates. What kind of updates are required so the upgrade can go smoothly?