IMM eWorkflow

for Fiserv XP2 Credit Unions

IMM is pleased to announce the availability of our eWorkflow solution fully integrated and certified for the Fiserv XP2 account processing system.


With eWorkflow for Fiserv XP2, credit unions can streamline and control account management and financial transactions to enhance quality, compliance and process efficiency.

IMM eWorkflow

Connector for XP2

Through IMM’s collaboration with the Fiserv XP2 team, we’ve created and certified via the APEX interface, a package of workflows for commonly performed business transactions. These dramatically reduce the amount of keystrokes and screens required to process the activity, while enhancing transaction quality, consistency, and compliance.


For added value, IMM’s eWorkflow can also be leveraged across non-XP2 related general business functions such as new employee onboarding, invoice approval processing, and time-off approval requests.

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Explore how IMM’s integrated eSignatures can Transform2 your Bank

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Enterprise eSignatures

Integration that Matters

Our seamless integration to virtually every popular financial services business application translates to simplified eSignature processes and reduced errors for eSignature transaction management. Employees no longer need to manually drag and drop eSignature fields onto documents or to assign signature fields to specific signing parties to facilitate an eSignature transaction. Our unique integration technology takes care of all document setup automatically behind the scenes. Once all documents have been successfully signed by the required parties, the completed documents along with their associated transaction audit files are seamlessly archived (fully indexed) into any industry popular Imaging/ECM system for safekeeping and future research and retrieval. Our integration technologies reduce costly or embarrassing errors while insuring confidence and legal enforceability of eSigned document transactions.

Wherever Technology Takes You

Bring IMM Along

There is a dramatic rise in financial institutions making core, deposit or loan origination system changes. While migrating to a new key business system can hold many positive attributes for an institution, IMM can help you mitigate some of the challenges by “going along for the ride”.

We’ve recapped a few of the most impactful aspects and considerations that our customers have shared with us to date. So take a moment and look them over. It’s important to know that you can keep your relationship with IMM and our eSignature solutions wherever your technology journey may take you.

And it’s nice to know your investments in IMM technology will continue to provide value for years to come.

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