IMM eSign plus

Control and enforce critical eSignature business processes and tasks to occur in accordance with your organization’s established policies and procedures. Enhance compliance, boost productivity and drive organizational efficiency with IMM’s unique business-rules driven eSignature management solution.

Control eSignature Transactions

The business rules engine allows you to enforce established policies and procedures for discreet transaction types and activities. Make sure eSignature events and processes occur in the prescribed order by sending the right activity to the right person – at the right point in time.

Run Like a Fine Machine

Streamline eSignature processes and associated tasks to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and worker productivity across the organization – while avoiding human errors or missed tasks.

Overcome Compliance Challenges

Overcome compliance challenges by letting workflow regulate and control the operational environment. Limit employee actions and decisions to those allowed while tracking and documenting all activities and employee activities with the enhanced transaction audit file.

Enterprise-Wide Benefits

Control eSignature processes and post-signing operational functions across the entirety of the business organization – including any business operating units, departments or divisions.

Reduce Training Requirements

With IMM’s eSign plus, employees only have to be trained on their individual participation task within the overall eSignature transaction. What happens prior to – or after their participation or engagement does not have to conveyed nor recalled by each worker. The rules-based engine makes sure all activities occur across the enterprise as mandated by the business rules established for each transaction type. Changes made to the business rules therefore, do not have to be communicated nor remembered by each individual staff member.

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