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Preliminary Class Agenda

Note, the information below is preliminary and may change closer to the date.

***JavaScript Lab Overview

This class will NOT teach you how to write Acrobat® JavaScript code! The JavaScript lab will focus on how to use the LiquidOffice Form Designer Expression Builder and interpret the base code generated by the IMM JavaScript Code Generator. We will also provide some examples of common Expression Builder examples and JavaScript functions that are not part of the base code and show attendees how to modify this code as it pertains to specific documents. The lab will also be used as an open forum for questions about the document conversion process. Listed below are examples of what will be covered in the “Lab.”

Intuitive Document Selection: How to create “Criteria” that will add or remove documents from a document set based on a set of defined triggers. Examples:

  • If there is a Guarantor on a loan, add the “Guaranty Agreement.”
  • If the loan is denied, then add the “Adverse Action.”

Expression Builder Examples: The LiquidOffice Form Designer Expression Builder is used to perform simple arithmetic or text calculations. Examples:

  • How to Add/Subtract/Divide/Multiply fields
  • How to concatenate City, State, and Zip into one entry field

Helpful Resources for the Class

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Class Registration Packet

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eSign Document Questionnaire

Collects information about a Financial Institution’s documents for IMM to properly perform document mapping.

Software Order Form

Order form to purchase the LiquidOffice Software.

Training Manual Subscription

Enrollment form to subscribe to the LiquidOffice Training Manual Program to receive an updated manual as it becomes available. IMM strongly recommends the annual subscription if the FI intends to design and maintain documents in-house.

Training Manual for Subscribers

LiquidOffice Manual and additional resources can be downloaded. This link is password protected.

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