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IMM & Ascensus Featured in CU Business Magazine

We are well into the digital age and yet the flood of paperwork persists. While information can be readily translated into an electronic format, speeding along engagement and distribution highways, the digital process will come to a grinding halt at its most critical juncture: the point at which signatures are required from involved parties to complete business documents and processes. For credit unions, this can be felt in a number of areas and in differing ways. The back office perhaps is the most signifi cantly impacted area: weighed down by lagging processing times, costly manual tasks, and a higher risk of human error either while entering information or when portions of documents become damaged or illegible. The member is also inconvenienced by being restricted to a branch’s business hours in order to physically sign a document in person. Any business function such as IRA’s, Account Opening and/or Certifi cates of Deposit requiring a signature undoubtedly moves more slowly if electronic signatures are not in use.