IMM eSign v2020

Product Release Information


IMM is pleased to announce the general availability of the newest release of IMM eSign v2020. This product release contains many new features, enhancements as well as product bug corrections. This page is designed to acquaint you with the release details and to provide access for you to request to be placed into the upgrade queue.

Sunset Notice

As we release v2020, we are also announcing the sunset of support for prior eSign releases v2015 and v2017. The formal support sunset will be effective March 1, 2022.

Release Videos

These videos will acquaint you with a general overview of key release features, enhancements and changes.

eSign RTS

New Feature Walkthrough with Template Manager

eSign Client Component

eSign XML

New Feature Walkthrough

Release Notes

These release notes contain descriptions of the release contents for each varied version of IMM eSign. If you should have questions about which version of the solution is in operation at your institution, please contact our support center for clarification.

Request to Be Scheduled for Upgrade

Please complete the Upgrade request form which will formally place your institution into the upgrade scheduling queue. You will be contacted when your upgrade is being scheduled.