eSign Cloud v2022.4

Released September 18, 2022

End User Experience

Collected Documents page (RTS environments)

Usability has been enhanced to make it easier to identify documents that do not belong in a session. The following enhancements were made to the page:

  • When the Validate Collected Documents Page setting is enabled in eSign administration, eSign will detect mismatched document index field values to prevent documents that do not belong in the session from being included. When mismatched values are detected:
    • a warning message is displayed at the top of the Collected Documents page.
    • a warning popup window is displayed before the user can create a session or add the documents to an existing session.
  • When the Validate Collected Documents Page setting is enabled in eSign administration, specific index fields can be selected on the Index Fields Maintenance page by turning on the Check for Mismatches option. When turned on, the first two chosen document index fields will be displayed for each document by default, and the user can expand the document row to view any additional index fields.
  • A time stamp is displayed in the document row to indicate when the document was successfully uploaded to eSign.
  • Documents can now be removed from the Collected Documents page simultaneously (requires eSign Client v2020.1.6)
  • Before documents are deleted, a confirmation window is displayed to prevent accidentally deleting documents.

In Person Sessions

  • When the Display messages on signature pad setting is enabled on the eSignature Settings page, a signature line is displayed on the signature pad to indicate where to sign.

System Administrator Experience


  • The Party Review Options on the Document Maintenance (RTS) page have been updated for clarity.


  • System Administrators can copy existing users and groups when creating a new user or group on the User Maintenance and Group Maintenance pages. After being copied the new user or group settings can be altered as needed, saving time and effort.


  • The General Settings page has been updated for better organization and to support help text.
  • The configuration for which authentication types are available to a financial institution representative (including setting the default authentication type) has been improved.
  • When needed, the API keys can be automatically generated from the General Setting page.

Adobe Sign Domain Name Change

  • Adobe Sign updated the domain name from to

Below is a link to download the full release notes of this upcoming release version.