eSign Cloud v2022.3

Released July 17, 2022

End User experience

  • Documents can now be removed from the Collected Documents page simultaneously (requires eSign Client v2020.1.6)
  • The Document Designer experience has been improved, including:
      • When assigning a template to an Unknown document the user is left in the Designer rather than being sent to the Session Details page.
      • Overall, the process is more guided and intuitive using titles and prompts.
      • Party names with commas are validated against existing parties (e.g., John Smith vs Smith, John).
      • Invalid email addresses are detected, and users are alerted.
      • The notification message is improved when a party that has not signed yet is deleted from a partially signed session.
  • The process of merging signers (RTS version) provides a more user-friendly confirmation message.
  • System Administrators can now Show or Hide the scanning option in the eSign browser.

Remote Sessions

  • Sessions sent for remote signing can have an expiration date set:
      • Administration can set a default Transaction Expires in (Days)
      • Users can be given the ability to alter the Completion Deadline on the eSignature Management page.
  • A default remote message template can be set based on document sets (XML) and documents.
  • The eDelivery option for in-person signed documents has been enhanced to allow for only selected signers to receive documents rather than all.
  • The usability of the Remote Attachments functionality has been improved.

In Person Sessions

  • New functionality has been added for eSign to work more seamlessly with Topaz GemView devices:
      • When set at an administrative level, the signing session will automatically transfer to the GemView device when the session is set for signing.
      • The GemView screen will be duplicated on the workstation to allow the FI representative to follow along with the consumer and assist as needed.
  • Signers can now utilize zoom when reviewing documents in the session.


  • A new document template option has been added to control who sees a document for review: Review only by parties who are assigned fields in this document.
  • Multiple font sizes, font colors, and field colors are supported for fields in XML documents.


  • Improvements have been made in how eSign handles PDFs resulting in better flattening and improved text extraction for image-based documents that rely on OCR.
  • There have been multiple security enhancements to address any security concerns related to IMM Cloud services.


  • API keys can now be set and managed from the General Settings page.
  • If there is an error during purge, an alert is recorded in the Event Viewer.
  • Error messages have been improved when there are upload issues or failures when utilizing Document Maintenance for XML processes.
      • Visual indicators will alert administrators when an incompatible PDF document is uploaded or a source PDF is missing.
  • Special characters may now be used in user password fields.
  • In Document Maintenance (XML), the exported CSV file has been enhanced to include details about criteria conditions.
  • eSign can be set to convert the “current date and time” to a specific time zone in the archiving/imaging process.

3rd Party support

  • A new integration has been written with the CenterDoc API (available with CenterDoc 2.0) that allows institutions to submit documents directly to CenterDoc without the need for a batch SFTP process. This will apply to institutions configured for the new CenterDoc 2.0
  • Support has been added to the processing of ComplianceOne documents to add a Guarantor signature field where “By:_____” is detected
  • eSign now utilizes the latest API for Verifast 6.4 allowing content to be automatically pushed to the Verifast signing device for in-person signing
  • Frost VisualGAP attachments are now supported as attachments.

Below is a link to download the full release notes of this upcoming release version.

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