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Effective as of April 17, 2020 | Updated on April 17, 2020

Product Description for Banks

Effective as of April 17, 2020 | Updated on April 17, 2020

Product Description for Banks


eSign for Banks (Product ID: 8204)

IMM eSign for Banks provides financial institutions with a safe and secure method to have documents reviewed and signed electronically. Completed documents with signing event audit trails are indexed and archived into the Institution’s Imaging/ECM system. When using the remote signer capability, signers can be authenticated before being allowed to view and/or sign documents. Authentication can occur via email verification, share secret password authentication, phone/text authentication, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), and Government ID verification. Please note that usage charges will be incurred for the phone/text, KBA, and Government ID authentication services regardless of whether the recipient succeeds or fails the authentication process.


IMM eSign for Banks platform includes in-person and remote signatures, along with eSignature transactions initiated through the IMM eSign API, as well as Web Forms, and the Mega Sign capabilities.

Additional FI (Product ID: 1121)

Provides the ability to support multi-subsidiary, division or configurations within a single IMM eSign system implementation including but not limited to individual brandings for remote signing transactions.

Additional Branded Entity (Product ID: 1122)

Enables the financial institution to utilize the existing IMM eSign implementation and extend it to support the processing requirements of one additional branded entity. This provides both the additional FI support within the IMM eSign application – as well as an additional branded remote signature portal.

Additional Server License (Product ID: 17024)

eSign additional server license provides for supplemental instances of IMM eSign that can be used for business continuity purposes or to create testing and/or training environments at the financial institution.

Cloud Testing/Staging/Training Environment (Product ID: 1121C)

Provides a separate testing/staging/training environment within the IMM eSign Cloud service for the financial institution to utilize as desired.

POPi/o Video Banking Channel Connector Subscription Fee (Product ID: 8215)

POPi/o provides video banking collaboration software to help Financial Institutions connect with their consumers and enable highly-engaged interactions for personalized sales and service opportunities. The IMM eSign POPi/o Video Banking Channel Connector provides the ability to copy and paste an IMM eSign Remote URL into the POPi/o user interface delivering eSignatures within POPi/o. This channel provides consumers with the ability to eSign inside the POPi/o Video Banking Solution delivering the power and security of IMM eSign in an additional channel. Please contact POPi/o directly regarding the licensing of video banking; please note your Financial Institution must have an IMM eSign Remote subscription.

Remote Signing Authentications (Product ID: 8204)

Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) is available as an option for $2.50 per attempt. The signer will receive an email notifying them of available documents(s) ready for viewing and signing. This email contains a link back to the transaction in the eSign cloud service. The signer will click the link and is prompted to enter standard personal information (Name, Address and ‘optional’ last 4 digits of their SSN) that will be used to establish their identity and pose a series of ‘knowledge based’ questions. The correct response(s) for these NONCREDIT BASED questions are used to authenticate the signer’s identity.


Phone/Text Authentication is an available option for $.20 per attempt where the user enters the signer’s cell phone number within the eSignature Management screen. When the signer receives an email notifying them of available document(s) ready for viewing and signing they are prompted to respond as to whether they would like a text message or voice call which then provides an access code, in real time, to proceed in viewing and signing the documents. (Notification is provided during the transaction to the signer that standard text message rates apply)


Government ID Authentication is available for $6.00 per attempt, the user enters the signers cell phone number within the eSignature Management screen for the signers smart phone, which then sends an email to the signer. This is required for the image capturing application that will compare the ID and its associated characteristics to the knowledgebase for validation. The recipient is given the option to authenticate with either a Driver License or a Passport. The scanned Government ID is authenticated in real time by validating dozens of elements within the document. Once both steps are successfully completed, the recipient is granted access to the documents for viewing and signing. The name of the recipient as presented on the Government ID is imported to the signature field and cannot be edited.


Additional authentication options for Shared Secret Password as well as email authentication are available at no additional usage charge.


eSign+ (Product IDs: 8204,18054)

IMM eSign+ allows the Bank to utilize automated workflows and business-rules to control document and eSignature processes so that they occur in precise accordance with your established business policies and/or regulatory requirements. IMM eSign+ proactively pushes the right task to the right person at the right point in time to create a highly-optimized and efficient environment in which activities are completed in minutes or hours verses days/weeks. Additionally, IMM eSign+ gives you expanded control over key processes and tasks to make sure they happen each and every time – without fail or human oversight. Finally, IMM eSign+ automatically stores completed documents with their indexes into your imaging/ECM solution without any human intervention.

Professional Services

IMM “White Glove” Onboarding Service (Product ID: 7000-006)

This professional services package provides a comprehensive on boarding of new clients which includes the installation of software, configuration of system according to Institution’s desire or requirements, system testing, system administration training, and end user training performed in a “train the trainer” environment. This onboarding package is provided to interface and setup one business system only with the expectation that through the on boarding process, the Institution’s staff will be acquainted with all aspects of system setup and will be able to perform additional business system setup to work with IMM eSign as desired.


Onsite installation/training is also available at $2100/day. Travel expenses are not included and will be invoiced separately. Additional remote Professional Services via telephone or WebEx will be billable @ $400 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.


Please note: If you are more than 15 minutes late or a “no show” for a scheduled appointment (i.e., project call, installation, training, etc.) without providing IMM 24-hour advance notice, the appointment may need to be rescheduled and the original block of time allotted for your project will be billed in 4-hr increments at a rate of $550/missed appointment.

IMM “White Glove” Onboarding Service (Product ID: 7000-006)

This professional services package provides the comprehensive on boarding of one additional business system to interface with IMM eSign as desired by the Institution.