IMM’s Virtual Upgrade Installation Model

The New Upgrade Process for All IMM Products

IMM has recently announced a change in our upgrade installation process covered under your IMM solution(s) annual maintenance plan. We’re now performing all upgrade installations utilizing a virtualized approach. This new methodology provides IMM clients with fully built and tested virtual servers to download and expedite the installation and upgrade process for all IMM solutions – with the exception of our workflow-based solutions.


We’d like to take a few moments and highlight the value and benefits this new virtualized installation process offers our valued IMM clients. If you should have any questions about the new installation upgrade program, please contact the IMM Technical Support Center.



  • Less labor for the Financial Institution to get a server installed.  No OS to set up. No pre-requisites to install. No prep time.
    • Entirely bypasses environment (normally security-generated) installation issues. Servers are baseline built at IMM.
  • Less labor to get the server configured due to 100% standardization.  Human error is greatly reduced.
  • Less labor to get testing complete because of the previous two points.
  • Multi-server installs use a cloning method with very little labor involved.  The more complex the site, the bigger the savings.
  • Afterhours IMM labor (billable) is eliminated due to all installation and test work being done in Test (not on a live in-use server).



  • Complete compliance to the tested standard for the base image install, provides both installation and ongoing support benefits.
  • Allows for mechanisms and processes which rely on the standard and help augment/enhance function.  An example is the Configuration Management tool currently in development.



  • Deployments are largely driven by project managers with a much smaller part played by installers, which leads to much faster deployment schedules being available.
  • Financial Institutions have far more control over timelines.



  • All installs and upgrades first happen in Test and then are rolled into Live use. Because all servers are fully-vetted before Live use, consumer-facing impacts are eliminated.
  • Financial Institutions drive the process directly and control how careful they want/need to be in test.
  • Financial Institutions’ security departments can now have full access to the server prior to live use to ensure they are satisfied with what will be used in live.



  • Servers can now be Re-Named, Re-Domained, Re-IP’d.  A simple process is used to make altered servers functional again (for changes that require that).
  • Servers can now be cloned, allowing for the creation of secondary servers (DR, Test, Training, Dev, etc.), through a customer-driven process (no IMM installation labor).



  • Catastrophic server loss is now much simpler to recover from.  Even in light of the loss and no backups at the Financial Institution, recovery via OVA is a fraction of the time of a traditionally installed server.
  • Future:  Configuration Manager will speed this even further.
  • Minor upgrades and patches may be available for the Financial Institution to apply to a live machine if they desire.  This can alternatively be done via a new OVA to mitigate risk to that level.



  • Far more of the process is directly in the control of the Financial Institution.
  • Future improvements are designed to continue to allow more and more of the process to be directly Financial Institution driven.  The availability of self-service installs is the end goal.

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