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Bring IMM Along

There is a dramatic rise in financial institutions making core, deposit or loan origination system changes. While migrating to a new key business system can hold many positive attributes for an institution, IMM can help you mitigate some of the challenges by “going along for the ride”.


IMM’s eSignature & eTransaction solutions are integrated with virtually all popular or emerging core processing and 3rd-party application systems available in the market today. There are many benefits, both to your consumers and to your employees by bringing your existing IMM solutions with you and using our advanced technology with your new business application(s).


We’ve recapped a few of the most impactful aspects and considerations that our customers have shared with us to date. So take a moment and look them over. It’s important to know that you can keep your relationship with IMM and our eSignature and eTransaction solutions wherever your technology journey may take you.

Protect Investments

Continue Gathering ROI

You’ve made significant investments over the years with IMM and our solutions. So why pay for similar technology again? Simply maintain your Annual Maintenance and take our industry-leading solutions with you to your new system environment.

Simple and Easy

Maintain Consumer Experiences

Your consumers have come to know and appreciate the ease and simplicity of using IMM’s eTransaction technology. So why make them change just because you’re making an internal systems change?

Maintain Worker Familiarity

Avoid Retraining Employees

It’s probably going to be enough that your employees have to learn a new business system. By using IMM with your new system, there’s one less training and roll-out to worry about. Your employees (and your consumers) would appreciate it.

We Have Great Partners

Integration that Matters

Our seamless integration to virtually every popular financial services business application translates to simplified eSignature processes and reduced errors for eSignature transaction management.  Our end-of-process integration to Imaging/ECM systems insures that your completed documents and audit files are safely and securely stored as permanent business records.


As you consider new technology migrations, make sure that your new system can leverage the power of IMM.  No need to make an additional change when you can take IMM along with you.

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Our eSignature and eTransaction management solutions power hundreds of Financial Institutions, driving both elevated consumer experiences and back-office process transformation. We’d enjoy talking with you to see how our technology can transform your business too!


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