Rahway, NJ | June 28, 2016

MemberSource Credit Union Thrives with IMM’s eTransaction Automation

MemberSource Credit Union, a $210 million-asset credit union based in Houston, has transitioned to an eTransaction automation environment using IMM’s eTeller and eSignature solutions.


IMM’s solutions work together to help MemberSource increase operational efficiency, reshape business processes, and elevate compliance initiatives. For members, eTransaction automation enables a technology-driven experience that is convenient and accessible.


“Before IMM, we had no solutions for electronically generating  teller receipts or loan documents, and we had an abundance of paper files that made organization difficult,” said Samuel Phelps, vice president of IT at MemberSource. “Now, we have increased efficiency and have eliminated the need for paper document storage. We have also gained document flexibility and the ability to electronically produce documents and edit them with ease.”


eTeller and eSignature technologies play a crucial role in supporting MemberSource’s day-to-day business. MemberSource is able to generate dynamic eReceipts that can be thermally printed and/or securely emailed to consumers, and have then seamlessly archived into imaging. With orderly storage, research or retrieval of signed transaction documents is straightforward and expedient. IMM’s eSignature solution allows members to sign loan documents securely both in-branch and remotely, enabling employees to fully manage the event while providing a secure and consumer-oriented signing experience.


IMM’s eSignatures were critical in helping to facilitate MemberSource’s recent transition from open-ended lending to closed-end lending. IMM guided the credit union through the process of drafting new documents that were in compliance with industry regulations. And, since the closed ended lending model requires a signature for each new disclosure, note, etc., IMM’s eSignature technology offers MemberSource’s members a secure way to fulfill those signatures from virtually any location, at any time.

Phelps added, “Our relationship with IMM is a true partnership; they fully understand our business. The company makes certain we are more than satisfied with the performance of its solutions, and they are always prepared to address any questions from members about security, legality, or simply best practices for using the technology.”


“MemberSource is seeing firsthand the value of eTransaction automation to enhance the consumer experience, drive teller efficiencies, and eliminate paper generation,” said John Levy, executive vice president of IMM. “Our eTeller solutions continue evolving to help shape how financial institutions update their branch environments. The branch is not going away, but the branch experience is evolving. We want our customers to remain competitive in the financial market, and cost effective in the in-branch experience they deliver.”


About IMM
IMM provides complete eTransaction automation to more than 650 U.S. organizations. The company’s fully integrated eSignature, eWorkflow, eLoan and eTeller solutions make transacting easy and convenient for the consumer while creating a more efficient, cost effective and compliant business environment. Any organization needing to remove paper and create mobility within its contract or transaction management lifecycle can benefit from IMM’s services, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, life sciences, government, legal and education.