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Our Unique Integrations

As the premier provider of eSignature solutions to the financial services industry, we’ve worked with leading business application vendors to develop custom integrations. These integrations allow eSignature transactions to operate seamlessly and error free within your business environment. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also developed custom integrations to all industry popular Imaging/ECM systems so that completed eSignature documents flow effortlessly into your permanent archive repositories. Integration makes IMM’s eSignatures “simply the best” solution for organizations in the financial services industry.

The Integration Difference

No More Drag ‘N Drop

With the integrations capability that IMM has jointly developed with many of the leading Financial Industry applications, the need to manually “drag and drop” eSignature fields onto every transaction/document, and the need to identify which signer is assigned to each signature field, is eliminated. Our integration not only eliminates this cumbersome manual “setup” required by alternative eSign vendors – but it also dramatically eliminates the potential of any errors being made during the manual “drag and drop” setup.


IMM’s integrated eSignature platform automatically determines the signing parties for a transaction and where each individual party needs to place their eSignature. Our rules-based technology controls the signing ceremony to insure that each signer fully completes each required signature area. For ease-of-use and for error free eSignature processing, IMM is “Simply the Best” eSignature solution for your financial institution.

5 Reasons Integrated eSignatures Matter

Take a moment and read the “5 Reasons Integrated eSignatures Matter” so you’ll understand why over 700 Banks and Credit Unions have chosen IMM to be their eSignature technology partner.

Bring IMM Along

There is a dramatic rise in financial institutions making core, deposit or loan origination system changes. While migrating to a new key business system can hold many positive attributes for an institution, IMM can help you mitigate some of the challenges by “going along for the ride”.


We’ve recapped a few of the most impactful aspects and considerations that our customers have shared with us to date. So take a moment and look them over. It’s important to know that you can keep your relationship with IMM and our eSignature solutions wherever your technology journey may take you.


And it’s nice to know your investments in IMM technology will continue to provide value for years to come.

Out of the Box Integration

Don’t See Your System Listed?

IMM’s Virtual Printer technology provides “out of the box” integration with any system running in your organization or on your employee’s desktop. Employees simply “print” their document to IMM’s virtual printer, and their document is imported into our eSignature platform and readied for processing. It couldn’t be easier to process any document from any system through IMM’s innovative eSignature technology.

Switch to IMM

Replace your existing eSignature system with IMM’s industry-leading eSignature platform combined with our extraordinary customer support. Take advantage of our limited time offer and make your switch to “Simply the Best” solution available in the market today.

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