Rahway, NJ | September 13, 2016

IMM’s eWorkflow Integrated with Fiserv XP2

IMM, a provider of eTransaction automation for the modern business enterprise, announced today that its eWorkflow technology is now fully integrated with Fiserv’s XP2® credit union account processing system. Credit unions can now use IMM’s eWorkflow technology to extend XP2 functionality and further streamline key multistep processes, promoting accuracy and compliance across the credit union.


“It is impressive to see our two largest strategic partners – Fiserv and IMM – work together in this way,” said Jeff Platt, technology manager for Portland, Ore.-based OnPoint Community Credit Union. “This is the type of collaboration that showcases the value of partnering with IMM and Fiserv. Processes that have traditionally required users to jump among multiple screens will be replaced by a single workflow path, creating numerous efficiencies. This integration will make complex transactions simple for even a first day employee to manage with ease.”


From a single eWorkflow screen, credit unions can update multiple XP2 fields and perform related updates and queries. Leveraging APEX integration, IMM’s eWorkflow connector for XP2 includes ready-to-use eForms and established workflow processes for several common business transactions, including stop pay, add ownership, close account, skip pay and individual change transactions. eWorkflow can also be applied to general business processes outside of the core system, such as invoice approvals, new employee onboarding or network access request documents.


“We are always seeking to provide seamless integration with core systems to give our financial institution customers the opportunity to optimize their use of our technology,” said John Levy, EVP of IMM. “Access to our eWorkflow offering ensures that transactions occur in accordance with each credit union’s prescribed policies, providing the consistency that is especially vital for complex transactions. eWorkflow consolidates processes, reducing the number of screens and the associated risk of error while expediting transactions.”


About IMM

IMM provides complete eTransaction automation to more than 650 U.S. organizations. The company’s fully integrated eSignature, eWorkflow, eLoan and eTeller solutions make transacting easy and convenient for the consumer while creating a more efficient, cost effective and compliant business environment. Any organization needing to remove paper and create mobility within its contract or transaction management lifecycle can benefit from IMM’s services, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, life sciences, government, legal and education.