IMM Launches New Client Experience Program, Appoints Industry Veteran, Tim Kanaley, Director

Rahway, NJ | November 18, 2021

IMM, the only eSignature provider that specializes in eSignature and digital transaction solutions exclusively for financial institutions, today launched a new Client Experience program to ensure current clients receive best-in-class account services and management as a part of their overall IMM experience. This new client-centric program will be led by Tim Kanaley, IMM’s Director of Education and Client Experience.

Since its inception, IMM’s singular focus has been on meeting the technology needs of financial institutions, while ensuring its clients are at the center of every decision. This client-focused culture has enabled the company to consistently report long-term retention levels that are unexpected within the software industry. Of IMM’s more than 1,500 financial institution clients, 63% have partnered with the company for more than five years, and notably, 30% for 10 years or longer. The Client Experience program is yet another example of the company’s continued commitment to its founding ethos, relying on client collaboration and feedback to drive the development of solutions, features and overall functionality, deploying products and services that address the unique requirements of banks and credit unions.

“IMM’s clients are at the heart of everything the company does,” Kanaley said. “IMM’s commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched which is evidenced by the company’s long-term client retention levels. Our new Client Experience program further enables us to keep a real-time pulse on changing client requirements, shifting strategic priorities, as well as the more immediate day-to-day operational account management situations. I am proud to join an organization that is recognized and respected for its commitment to client satisfaction.”

Kanaley brings more than 25 years of customer satisfaction, project management and leadership experience. As the director of the Client Experience program, Kanaley is responsible for training all team members, developing processes and protocols as well as implementing new support procedures to ensure all client requests and inquiries are addressed swiftly and to the highest possible standards. Additionally, he will coordinate and collaborate across all IMM business divisions to ensure client-facing projects align with the company’s commitment to best-in-class client experiences.

Reporting directly to Kanaley, IMM assembled a team of seasoned customer care professionals to manage and execute the new program. The client experience managers will be the primary point of contact responsible for delivering expert advice and support, promptly responding to all client requests, delivering personalized service to existing clients coordinating action across multiple departments. The team includes:

    • Edna Scafe, a recognized corporate liaison with project knowledge and engagement strategies;
    • Greg Nielson, a training specialist with more than 25 years of experience in technology education, support and process improvement; and

The launch of IMM’s Client Experience program comes at a critical time as banks and credit unions navigate unprecedented challenges and increasing consumer demands triggered by the abrupt shift to digital. The program further ensures the company has a keen understanding of the challenges facing financial institutions, and can therefore anticipate and quickly respond with relevant technology solutions.

“IMM’s new Client Experience program will be a core pillar of IMM’s strategic future,” said Michael Ball, senior vice president of strategy and innovation at IMM. “Banks and credit unions are no longer buying a product or service; they’re looking for a partner as they drive toward their desired outcomes. We chose the members of this team very carefully based on their demonstrated history working with and concerning themselves with client success and satisfaction. We have a proven track record of understanding the unique requirements of our clients, and this program ensures that we will continue to go above and beyond for each and every client, despite our rapid expansion and increasing market share.”

For more than two decades, financial institutions of all sizes have selected IMM for its continued commitment to providing an enriching digital customer experience with technology offerings that solve evolving industry challenges. IMM attributes much of its success to its continued commitment to providing excellent customer service, including a collaborative environment in which ideas and feedback from customers influence much of the development and technology initiatives deployed each year.

About IMM

For 25 years, IMM has been the premier provider of eSignature and Digital Transaction solutions designed exclusively for financial institutions. Today, more than 1,500 banks and credit unions use IMM’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions across the Institution to elevate consumer experiences while streamlining back-office processes in a comprehensive, end-to-end digital processing environment.