Linden, NJ | June 7, 2016

IMM Enhances eTeller Solutions with New Tablet Features, Email Receipt Functionality

IMM, a provider of eTransaction automation solutions for the modern business enterprise, has enhanced its eTeller automation solutions with additional tablet device features and email receipt functionality to promote more streamlined, paperless operations and enhanced in-branch experiences for consumers.


Ithaca, N.Y.-based CFCU Community Credit Union enlisted IMM for eTeller automation to collect member signatures on teller transaction receipts across a variety of electronic signature channels, including tablets. CFCU Community has iPads located at each teller line and member representative desk, where members can electronically sign transaction receipts on-demand. Completed receipts can then be securely emailed to the member, creating an entirely electronic transaction. With IMM’s eTeller solution, CFCU Community has nearly eliminated paper use for teller processes, as completed transaction receipts are also indexed and stored into the credit union’s imaging system for permanent archival.


“eReceipts have positively impacted our member interactions and better reflect our brand as a progressive institution,” said Jim Struble, vice president of sales and service, CFCU Community Credit Union. “We can now hand members an iPad for transaction signatures as opposed to traditional paper receipt, and then email their receipts to them. It is clear our members appreciate this modern, convenient experience when they come into the branch, and employees are no longer required to gather and process paper receipts for end of day processing. These time and cost savings are a great benefit to the credit union. With IMM, we are not simply told, ‘Here is what we have;’ rather, we are asked what we need – it is this genuine desire to understand our goals that makes IMM an exceptional strategic partner.”


In addition to IMM’s eTeller services, CFCU Community has eSigned and processed tens of thousands of financial documents with IMM’s eSignature technology. The credit union has taken advantage of these tools internally to enhance the process flow of documents for eSignature transactions and to provide members with new self-service options. Members can initiate requests and financial transactions based on offers made through CFCU Community’s website or email campaigns.


“As financial institutions consider the technologies they need to meet consumer demand, in-branch improvements at the teller line should not be overlooked,” said Howard Klein, vice president of Operations for IMM. “Now that members have many channel options to transact business, the in-branch experience needs to be an exceptional one. CFCU Community is a great example of how automation can bring new value to members while optimizing internal operations and resources.”


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