Linden, NJ | April 9, 2014

IMM Announces Partnership with eOriginal

IMM, a provider of innovative eSignature, workflow and document solutions for financial institutions, has partnered with eOriginal to bring transferrable records management with vaulting and transaction services to customers using Document Exchange, IMM’s cloud-based remote eSignature solution.


“Today, more secondary market loan portfolio purchasers, such as the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) and Federal Reserve Board (FRB), require electonically signed documents to be managed by authoritative copy functionality,” said John Levy, IMM co-founder and EVP and ESRA (Electronic Signature & Records Association) board member. “Therefore, institutions that pledge or collateralize loan portfolios, as well as those selling loan portfolios to third party investor markets, are increasingly seeking these services. Through our relationship with eOriginal, IMM’s financial institution customers can now meet the needs of investors by generating, electronically vaulting and managing authoritative copies.”


Authoritative copy documents secure and record the ownership or transfer of the original electronic document. Following the creation of an authoritative copy, subsequent copies stored within other systems, such as imaging or enterprise content management systems, are automatically marked and designated as a “copy.” eOriginal’s transferable records services enable the control of electronic assets in accordance with the requirements of UETA and ESIGN, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code requirements for the creation, sale, pledging, pooling, syndication or securitization of authoritative copy documents.


“In a highly regulated environment, it is crucial for financial institutions to establish and maintain control of transferable, electronically signed documents sold or pledged to investors,” said Steve Bisbee, president and CEO, eOriginal. “IMM is now making it simple to create and electronically manage legally binding authoritative copies from records signed with its Document Exchange solution. This is facilitating improved security and compliance for IMM customers while also ensuring they retain full accessibility and control of their documents and contracts.”


IMM is currently integrating eOriginal’s authoritative copy and electronic asset management capabilities with its flagship TotaleAtlas eSignature solution. The integration is scheduled to be completed and available for customer implementation later this year.


About IMM
Based in Linden, N.J., IMM develops and delivers innovative technology solutions that enable financial institutions to electronically streamline their business operations and processing environments. With a strong and secure legacy of serving more than 600 banks and credit unions with solutions for eSignature capture, business process (workflow) automation, and document presentment, IMM continues to create advanced software applications that promote clients’ sustainability while dramatically increasing productivity and operational efficiencies. The company is a longtime advocate of eSignature adoption and education, active in ESRA to advance the public’s understanding of issues surrounding the use of electronic signatures and records.


About eOriginal, Inc.
Founded in 1996, eOriginal is the trusted expert in electronic transaction management solutions, specializing in the post-execution management of financial asset documentation. eOriginal SmartSign® and eAsset™ Management Services enable an end-to-end solution for fully electronic transactions that must be managed with the highest levels of security and compliance throughout their lifecycle. By treating every transaction as having assets that must be verifiably secure, legally compliant and enforceable, eOriginal provides its customers and partners with eCertainty™. For more information, please visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.