IMM eSignPlus Cloud

IMM is thrilled to announce the next evolution of eSignPlus. This advanced eSignature and business processing platform has been streamlining and enhancing signing transactions for financial institutions for more than 8 years. Now, in keeping with IMM’s Cloud-First Application Strategy, we are delivering the power of eSignPlus via the very same robust cloud service that already provides access to IMM eSign to over 400 financial institutions. See below for some of the benefits and key reasons for taking advantage of the cloud-based digital transaction processing power provided by eSignPlus.

Cost Savings

No more need to acquire, maintain, update, replace, or manage servers, thus allowing you to reinvest into your organization.

Enhanced Security

No more headaches and worrying if your eSignPlus system is secure thanks to our use of Azure AD.

Automatic Updates

Missed updates? A thing of the past! We will be handling all of them from our end for you.

Business Continuity

Simple. Easy. Do we need to say more?

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