IMM eSign for Banks

IMM’s flagship eSignature platform, IMM eSign, is used by hundreds of Banks to power millions of “end-to end” eSignature transactions every month. Interfacing with virtually every business system you use across the Bank today, IMM provides an easy-to-use, eSignature experience for consumers, while significantly transforming internal business processes and the way transactions flow across your institution.

Span the Enterprise

Use one eSign system universally across all departments and operating areas of your Bank.

Business System Interfaces

Seamlessly interfaces with all business systems you use within the Bank today.

Go Green

Eliminate cumbersome paper-based headaches and gain electronic processing efficiencies.

Close Transactions Faster

eSignatures allow you to close transactions faster…and with fewer resources.

Expand Market Reach

Break down geographical barriers and increase your customer base.

Legal. Secure. Compliant

Designed for financial industry requirements while exceeding security and regulatory standards.

Advanced Features and Functionality

Explore the unique capabilities that makes IMM eSign “Best-in-Class” for Banks.