CSI Document Enhancements Webinar Resources

IMM has been working closely with the CSI team to provide enhancements to your IMM eSign document processes for New Account Console documents.

These enhancements allow documents to be processed through IMM eSign in a more automated or streamlined fashion. It removes some of the manual intervention that was previously required in earlier CSI New Account Console/IMM eSign implementations.

In order for your institution to see the benefits of these enhancements, your eSign Document Administrator and possibly your CSI Forms Administrator will need to make some edits to templates for the updated Global forms and to Custom forms.

The webinar introduced the attendees to the enhancements and reviewed the processes for both the Global and Custom forms and eSign templates so that you can make your updates and see the benefits from the work done by the CSI and IMM teams. This resource page includes a recording of the webinar, two documents that outline the changes and help you further understand the steps you need to take, and two videos from our new onboarding materials that walk through the eSign templating process.

We hope the information here will be helpful to you and your team. If you have any questions during your update process, please contact your IMM representatives for assistance.

Webinar Recording

Helpful Documents

This document lists the Global Forms that CSI updated along with the changes made and should help guide you in determining which eSign templates your institution should update.

This document lays out the steps your CSI Forms Administrator will take to add a text based “Form Description” to your Custom Forms and walks through the steps to edit your existing eSign templates to use the text field as the Document Identifier.

Helpful Videos

Part of IMM’s new Onboarding strategy includes targeted lessons with videos that demonstrate and/or walk you through features and functionalities of IMM eSign.

Below are the videos for two of the lessons surrounding templating that may be helpful to your team as you make the updates discussed in the webinar. The first video walks quickly through the process of creating a template, and the second walks through the process more deeply examining all the many options.

Templating Demonstration

Templating Details