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About IMMeSign

Our heritage began in 1996 as a pioneer of document-based technology solutions for Financial Institutions. Over the next 25 years, we evolved from paper-based document technologies to electronic document systems, to our current industry-leading eSignature platform. This unique document-based heritage has enabled us to develop a series of unique techniques and technology capabilities that separate IMM from other eSignature vendors.


Our company is privately held by the original founders who continue to serve as active members of our executive team. We have a legacy of responsible corporate financial management which has allowed us to navigate various economic climates to remain a financially sound and viable technology partner today.

The Complete Digital Transaction Platform

From our early origins of providing document-based solutions for Financial Institutions, our expertise and continued focus have remained exclusively on unique technology innovations designed for Banks and Credit Unions.


Today, over 1,150 Financial Institutions, along with a variety of financial software partners, rely on IMM to deliver advanced eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solutions that meet the regulatory, security and business needs of Banks and Credit Unions alike.



– 1 –

Security is improved and compliance requirements are more easily met with electronic transaction processing.


Legally Safe

– 2 –

Fully compliant with all governing eSignature regulations for confidence and peace of mind.


Seamless Integration

– 3 –

eSignature processing that works with the business systems you already use.


Easy & Convenient

– 4 –

Consumers easily and securely eSign documents on any device, at any place and time they want.


Faster Processing

– 5 –

Documents are signed and business transactions are completed faster and easier than ever before.


Eliminate Paper

– 6 –

Save a tree and eliminate expenses from shipping, tracking and managing paper documents.

Seeing is Believing

IMM’s eSignature and Digital Transaction solutions are a great fit for your Financial Institution. Just let us show you! Click the button below and request a demo to find out why Banks and Credit Unions prefer IMM above the rest.

Our Customers Are Our ShareHolders

Being a privately-held company without external shareholders or financial stakeholders affords us a unique opportunity to be focused on our technology and how it helps our customers solve real-world business problems – as opposed to satisfying stockholders or other financial stakeholders. Rather, we view our valued customers as our “shareholders” and to that end, place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and success.


This focus on customer satisfaction permeates all departments and operating areas of our organization. Once you have moved beyond the sales process and into eSign implementation and ongoing support, we believe you will recognize a difference when dealing with our company and our staff.


As you explore eSignature partners for your Bank or Credit Union, consider not only our innovative technology or our unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction and success, but when coupled with our expertise in the financial services industry – we quite simply are the best choice for your Financial Institution.

“Thank You for all your help and your patience with us. You and your team worked hard to address our concerns and prepare us for a smooth installation. We appreciate you.”


“IMM surpassed our expectations. Our installer was proactive and connected me with additional staff who helped us do it more efficiently and it has been amazing!!”


“Thanks so much to you and your team for the help with this. You are always there to support us whenever we need it. Thanks again!”


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