eSignatures for Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about IMM’s integrated eSignature solution for the Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite by reading these frequently asked questions. For further information, please complete the simple form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be happy to assist you with your specific needs or questions.

Is IMM’s eSignature solution fully integrated with our Temenos Lifecycle Management Suite?

Temenos and IMM have jointly developed a seamless eSignature solution that is fully integrated with the Loan Origination and Account Opening modules. This allows transactions to flow seamlessly and completely between Temenos and IMM’s eSignature platform.


Because of our unique integration capabilities, your employees do not have to drag and drop signature fields onto documents to set up or define the eSignature transaction. Our technology manages all of the signer assignments and field setup automatically without any manual intervention. This eliminates the potential for error and increases the overall quality of your eSignature transaction.

I am interested in eSignatures. What devices do you support for consumers to use to eSign their documents?

Our eSignature solution, IMM eSign, provides for both in-person as well as remote (cloud-based) signature capabilities. For In-Person signing, consumers can sign documents using traditional signature pads, tablet devices (iOS and Windows-based tablets), touch-enabled monitors, and even standard desktop PCs using our “Click to Sign” technology. For remote signing, virtually any device, using any operating system (including smartphones) can be used to view and sign documents remotely.

Can you support having both in-person signatures and remote signatures used when there are multiple signers on a transaction?

Absolutely. IMM supports what we refer to as a “blended” signature. This provides consumers with the ultimate in convenience options. With blended signatures, one borrower (for example) can sign in person, and then the co-borrower can sign remotely. Both individual signature types are applied to the same source documents and all audit controls are maintained across the individual signatures.


Note: IMM also supports both parties signing in-person, or both parties signing remote. Blended signatures are just one more value-added option provided by IMM’s unique eSignature technology.

We would like to place forms on our website for consumers to access, complete and sign as required, such as an address change form. Does your technology support that capability?

Yes. Our remote signing module, called IMM eSign Remote, provides the ability for you to take any document or form, and easily prepare it for consumer access and completion on demand – directly from your website. Consumers can access a form at a place and time of their choosing, authenticate, complete and eSign the document. Once the form or document is completed, it is automatically routed to the designated employee or department in your organization for processing.

Can your eSignature solution support the processing of documents created outside of the Temenos system as well?

Yes. Documents from virtually any application can be submitted for in-person or remote eSigning provided they are submitted in an industry standard format (e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, etc.). This allows you to utilize our technology as an enterprise-wide eSignature solution across all operating areas of your organization.

I see a mention of workflow in your eSignature capabilities documentation. Is this separate from the workflow that may be provided or used in our business systems or Imaging/ECM system?

Yes. Our workflow technology only applies to our eSignature transaction processing. The add-on workflow module allows business rules to be established that govern the flow and requirements of the eSignature transaction. This module elevates regulatory compliance initiatives and enforces that the transaction follows your established standard operating procedures.

How do our completed document and checks get stored into our Imaging/ECM system? What systems do you support?

All completed documents and checks are generated in fully-indexed and encrypted, industry-standard PDF file formats. This means that the items are easily stored without manual scanning or indexing into your Imaging/ECM system. By storing in native PDF format, it also means that you can view the documents easily using native document viewing capabilities. IMM supports storing of fully-indexed PDFs into virtually any Imaging/ECM solution that is used in the financial services industry.

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