eTeller Solutions

IMM’s innovative electronic teller solutions provide financial institutions with a suite of software applications designed to enhance the consumer in-branch experience, eliminate paper generation, and drive efficiencies for teller transaction processing. In today’s competitive financial services industry, IMM delivers the ability to offer innovative services and solutions while driving down operating costs.


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Dynamic Electronic Receipts

IMM eReceipts

Our advanced receipt solution produces electronic transaction receipts from your core system that can include consumer’s eSignatures as required. eSignatures can be captured on tablet devices or traditional signature pads for an enhanced consumer in-branch experience. Receipts can be thermal printed or emailed directly to consumers in security-masked PDF file formats. Completed eReceipts are then seamlessly archived, as fully-indexed industry standard PDF files, into your Imaging/ECM repository for easy retrieval, research, and viewing.

Teller Item Capture

IMM eTeller Check 21

Our Teller item capture solution takes Check 21 processing to the next level. Paper checks get truncated directly at the teller window during the original deposit transaction. Transaction data collected during the deposit check(s) scan is seamlessly uploaded to the core/host system. With the available fraud and loss module, risk traditionally associated with deposited checks is dramatically reduced, enabling expedited funds availability.

On-Demand Laser Checks

IMM eChecks

IMM’s eCheck solution prints laser generated official, temporary and starter checks, as well as money orders “on-demand” without having to pre-print and store checks or forms. Images of the generated checks are stored in your Imaging/ECM solution for future research or retrieval. Enhance security and streamline official check processes with IMM’s eCheck solution.

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Our eSignature and eTransaction management solutions power hundreds of Financial Institutions, driving both elevated consumer experiences and back-office process transformation. We’d enjoy talking with you to see how our technology can transform your business too!


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