IMM eTeller Check 21

Initiate Check 21 processing at the teller line and eliminate paper check handling and keystroke errors.

Begin with Truncation

Start Check 21 image capture directly at the teller line during the real-time transaction. Realize many benefits from early capture, like eliminating downstream paper check handling and processing.

Reduce Fraud and Deposit-Associated Loss

With the available Fraud Prevention and Loss Module, you get real-time check of industry reliable fraud and loss databases that allow you to dramatically reduce risk associated with check deposits. Consumers directly benefit from increased funds availability that you can safely provide.

End the Day On-Time

Stay in balance throughout the business day with teller item capture. Dramatically reduce the time required to complete end-of-day teller balancing functions.

Step Away from the Keyboard

With Check21 teller capture, specific transaction data is lifted from the check image and automatically entered into the deposit platform screens. Reduce transaction keystrokes while boosting transaction accuracy and efficiency.

Send Cash Letters to Any Endpoint

Teller Item Capture supports a broad spectrum of end-point cash letter creation and delivery. From the Federal Reserve, Clearing Houses or other target endpoint recipients – it’s all within your control.

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