IMM eReceipts

Generate electronic receipts that can be thermally printed and/or securely emailed to consumers.

Email Receipts, Don’t Print Paper

Now you can eliminate the printing of transaction receipts altogether by safely and securely emailing receipts directly to the consumer. All sensitive and personal information is masked. Consumers will enjoy the modern and convenient experience.

Eliminate Paper, Be Green

Electronically generate “on-demand” transaction receipts, complete with the consumer’s eSignature. Print thermally, or email it directly (and securely) to the consumer, delivering a modern, high-tech transaction appeal. Seamlessly archive final receipts, fully indexed into Imaging/ECM systems – eliminating any paper generation in the process whatsoever.

Flexible eSignature Options

Our eReceipt solution allows eSignatures to be collected across a variety of signature channels – including the newest innovation that allows you to use tablet devices as signature capture devices. Leverage the option(s) that best fits your environment and business need.

Stored Safely for Peace of Mind

Like all IMM solutions, the electronically generated receipt, complete with eSignatures and supporting Check Images (if applicable), is seamlessly indexed and archived into your Imaging/ECM repository for safe keeping and future research.

Want to Learn More?

Our eSignature and eTransaction management solutions power hundreds of Financial Institutions, driving both elevated consumer experiences and back-office process transformation. We’d enjoy talking with you to see how our technology can transform your business too!


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